15 Gift Ideas for New Homeowners


Buying a new home is no small feat. When friends or family take that giant step in their lives, they deserve to be celebrated. Indulge the new homeowner in your life with home essentials they may not buy for themselves right away. 

Kitchen essentials are splendid for the chef in your life. Screen doors with magnets are ideal for friends with pets to give dogs easy access to their new backyard. Go all out and spoil the homeowners rotten with a custom-made sign! 

These fifteen gift ideas will help you find the perfect gift to welcome your friend or family member into their new home and celebrate the biggest purchase of their life.  

  • Quirky Doormat 

When someone first moves into a new home, they are usually more concerned with essentials like towels and bedding than finding a new doormat. Gift your friend a quirky doormat that fits their personality and will make them smile whenever they step through the front door. 

  • Personalized Door Sign

Show them how much you care with a custom door sign from Etsy. The recipient will feel extra special knowing you went above and beyond to have something made just for them. Particularly great for newlyweds who are excited to share a new family name. 

  • Bar Kit 

Gift a swanky new bar kit to your friend who loves to craft delicious cocktails. They’ll be able to mix, muddle, stir, and strain to their heart’s content.

  • Wine Rack 

Give the wine lover in your life a wine rack to store bottles and save space in their kitchen. They can display their favorite vintages for all to see. 

  • Stainless Steel Wine Chiller 

A stainless steel white wine chiller is a sleek addition to any kitchen. Most people won’t think to buy one of these for themselves, but once they have one, they’ll wonder how they ever lived without it. Chill in the freezer and set on the table for cold wine all night. 

  • Cast-Iron Skillet 

A cast-iron skillet is a must-have appliance for any kitchen. It’s durable enough to withstand heavy use. Your friend can use it for various recipes, including chicken pot pie, perfectly seared ribeye, a delicate frittata, or even a giant chocolate chip cookie.

  • Wood Serving Board 

If your friend loves to host, they’ll need a quality wood serving board. They can serve up fancy cheese and charcuterie boards or try out the butter board trend that’s all the rage. 

  • Salt and Pepper Shakers 

New salt and pepper grinders can immediately elevate your friend’s new kitchen. Include some fancy Himalayan salt and whole peppercorns to fill them. Salt is a traditional Italian housewarming gift, and it’s believed if you sprinkle a pinch in the threshold of each door, you’ll bring the new homeowners luck.  

  • Houseplant 

Every home needs one or two plant friends! Not only will houseplants help decorate a home, but they help detoxify the air. An easy-to-maintain houseplant like a money tree is the perfect option since it won’t be toxic to pets and is reputed to bring good luck. 

  • Self-Care Basket 

Moving is stressful. Build a self-care basket complete with bath bombs, face masks, lotion, and candles for the new homeowner in your life. They will be grateful for the reminder to slow down and enjoy the process. 

  • Fun Board Game

Have a friend who is always hosting game nights? Add to your friend’s growing board game collection with a fun new game you can play together in their new home. Choose a classic like Parcheesi or go for a unique co-op game like Pandemic

  • Magnetic Screen Door 

Improve the functionality of your friend’s new home with a screen door with magnets. Unlike heavy and awkward sliding doors, these are easy to install on any door frame and allow hands-free access to the backyard. Durable magnets seal the screen closed, keeping bugs outside where they belong. Dogs and cats can easily use these to let themselves out, making them the ideal gift for the pet lover in your life.  

  • Gardening Tools 

Get your friend, or family member excited to take advantage of their new yard with gardening tools. Build them a gardening kit complete with a shovel, rake, and gloves. You’ll encourage their green thumb to get to work. 

  • Vegetable and Flower Seeds 

Maybe your friend is already an avid gardener. Gift them some new flower or vegetable seeds to start a garden at their new home. Tomato plants, cilantro, mint, and basil are all super easy to grow – even for novice gardeners. Even if they have a small yard, you could include a pot for a small herb garden. 

  • Tabletop Firepit 

A chic tabletop fire pit will add ambiance to any new home. These can create a cozy, smokeless fire on a balcony or patio. Your friends can have a romantic evening in the backyard or roast a few smores with their kids. 

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