5 Car Accessories You Wished You Had Earlier


The amount of time and money you would have saved if you had these installed in your car would have been tremendous. More importantly, save your grey hairs for another day, these cool car accessories are here to ease your day. Cheap and affordable, the must-have car accessories every driver needs – rated by the car detailing team.

5. Car Console Side Pocket

coin pocket car accessories

So what exactly is this? Well, it’s a coin bank, phone/keys/card and cup holder in one. A mouthful to digest, but convenient in many ways.

Slide your coins into the coin slot and make easy payment of parking tickets and store your loose change from drive-thru runs with ease. 

What we particularly like about this, is its position and placement, how many times have you had your coins, phone, cards, keys and so on slip through here. Make better use of that empty space as opposed to letting more things slip through there. We’re sure that you have had enough coins lost underneath the seat to even purchase one of these coolies.

4. Car Gap Fillers

gap filler car accessories

Sick and tired of having to stretch your hands and fingers through nooks and crannies to pick up loose change, keys, phone, wallet and so on? Well, this may be the solution you’ve been looking for. Plug them gaps and say no more to fetching loose items, instead have them fall back on your seat for an easy scoop. Ever had your car interior detailed and just found a whole bunch of tissues, crumbs, lolly wrappers and so on wedged in? Then this may be the winner for you.

3. Car Trunk Organiser

car trunk organiser accessories

Save time and categorise your boot into sections. Whether you are going out for a picnic, to the beach or outdoors to play sport, you’d want to have these items conveniently packed. Like finding a parking spot wasn’t difficult enough, make your weekends a walk in the park with this easy to fit car trunk organiser. So many times have we found scratches on the boot bumper during our car exterior detailing services that were caused by accessing the boot. Loose bats, batons, tennis racquets and so on being scraped across because they just sit loosely in the boot. That’s why an organiser would be a handy tool for less flying objects!

2. Collapsible Shopping Trolley Bags

shopping trolley bag car accessories

Not quite a car accessory, but definitely an item every car needs, especially with the plastic bag ban. Who could argue that these wouldn’t come in handy? Slide them easily in to your shopping trolley and pop them in to your car without a hassle. Not only are they handy, but they do an amazing job in keeping our environment nice and green.

1. Blind Spot Mirror

blind spot mirror car accessories

Getting in to a car accident is a nightmare regardless of whose fault it is, it’s time consuming, potentially dangerous and can be very costly. No one likes dealing with insurance and car accident claims, so why not consider one of these nifty accessories and avoid close calls and accidents. Easily attached to either mirror, even your kids could install one (not recommended). Of course you could use ceramic paint protection for durable scratch resistance, but let’s face it, a cheap investment as this can go a long way in reducing gutter rash/damaged wheels and accidents. Speaking of accidents and blind spots, make sure if you do plan to install car window tinting that you check that level of darkness is legally acceptable. Many accidents can occur when the tints are too dark and therefore a driving hazard.



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