BMW 6 Series, A Gran Coupe with Luxury and Ability to Cross Continents with Powerful Engine


BMW 6 Series, contrary to what many believe, is not a sports coupe. It is a Grand Tourer that can cross continents while letting its occupants enjoy all the luxury and comfort you can imagine. Introduced in 2011, it reigned supreme till 2018 and had given absolute driving pleasure to its owners and continues to do so for many.

It combines the practicality of a 5 series touring, the luxury of a seven-series in the back and the ride height of X5 in one package. If you planning to visit Europe in near future and would like to have a BMW at your disposal that can provide all the best amenities then you should consider buying this car. It’s practical in the daily expenditure, as well as most of the engines on offer, are smooth and silky diesel offering a good deal of grunt with lots of fuel savings as well.

Refined and Powerful Engines

The Gran Coupe is offered with three BMW engines, two of which we’ll get in the 640i and 650i. The former is powered by a 315-hp, 3.0-liter, single-turbo gasoline inline-six producing 330 lb.-ft of torque; the latter uses BMW’s twin-turbo, 4.4-litre V-8 with 445 hp and 480 lb.-ft of torque. Both models feature a ZF-sourced eight-speed automatic that shifts flawlessly and quickly, and there’s enough grunt at nearly any speed—particularly in the 650i—that it hardly matters which gear you’re in. We’re told a manual transmission could come later.

The 640i can hit 60 mph in 5.3 seconds; it will top out at a governed 155 mph. That is quick, although the N55 engine’s soundtrack leaves a bit to be desired. The 650i sounds fantastic and should hit 60 about a second quicker—we peg it at 4.5—but you’ll pay dearly for those delights at the gas pump. Although diesel is our favourite for obvious fuel saving and running cost advantage, we recon any of the above-mentioned engines could bring joy to the driving. Engine replacements are not an issue either as you can buy used BMW engines easily in the market.

Bold Exterior for Largest BMW Coupe

The exterior of the BMW 6 Series serves every bit of class and sophistication that the BMW design department could afford. At the front, it has a typically aggressive BMW front with its famous kidney grill. It has a sportier and more aerodynamic bumper that deflects the air to the right areas to improve overall handling.

From the side, it looks majestic, classy and sporty. Super clean lines and curves strategically placed airflow vents and huge wheels that come as standard gives a premium vibe. The sloping roofline connecting the boot is another giveaway that this vehicle means business. Frameless windows add a bit more class and drama to the whole persona.

It gets even better visually from the back of the vehicle. The boot lid is beautifully carved and shaped. Tail lights blend seamlessly into the bodywork and the bumper at the back compliments the whole design language as well. The BMW 6 Series has unmissable road presence and turn heads when passing by.

Smart and Classy Interior

When it comes to interior cabin designs, BMW is known for its simplistic yet elegant approach. Every component is solidly fixed and the whole cabin is beautifully executed. Dash is covered with expensive materials and numerous gadgets. There are lots of storage spaces available as well.

Seats are comforting and offer lateral support when cornering. Leg and headroom at the front is plenty and at the back, considering that the 6 series is only 3 inches shorter than the short wheelbase 7 series, it has enough space available at the back seats as well.

Ride Quality and Handling

BMW 6 Series shares the same platform as the 5 series. However, the Gran Coupe is around 200 pounds heavier. Despite that, the extra weight does not manifest in a slower vehicle. It shifts quickly and tackles the bends with great precision. There is no denying that the real character of this vehicle comes alive when you take it for a cruise on the motorway. Its smooth and silky drive with effortless yet powerful engines provide a relaxing ride.

Different modes refine the responses of the vehicle as needed. Sport and sport plus stiffen the suspension, minimize the body roll, and sharpen the acceleration and steering response. If you are in the mood for comfortable and luxurious driving then there is a comfort and comfort plus mode that would make the ride silky smooth but sacrifice agility.

Final Words

BMW 6 Series was created to be a Grand Tourer that would eat the miles on your longer journeys. Thankfully it ticks all the boxes. It offers you a huge luggage capacity in the boot, a luxury and quiet cabin, comfortable seats, a powerful engine, state-of-the-art suspension and a huge fuel tank to avoid any pit stops.

There are more reasons to own one than there are not to. It is a step up from the more corporate and casual 5 series and gives you the luxury of the 7 series but the sportiness of an M5 at affordable prices. In our humble opinion, everyone should own one in their lifetime if they can afford it.

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