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Renting a car need not be a stressful process. With the range of quality and affordable rental vehicles available on various online sites, as well as from dealers and small car rental outlets, you are sure to find the vehicle and make a car booking that will suit your needs. You can read USReviews about car rental companies online to make the best choice. Knowing a few tips can also ensure a smooth, fuss-free rental process.

We will share our tried and tested tips to know when you need to rent a car in this article. Always compare prices: Do research on all the available methods of renting a car, such as visiting a dealer or searching an array of online sites. Using online platforms to search for online car rentals is good for comparisons of different cars available and their cost and can assist you in finding the best deal possible.

Book as early as possible. When making a booking, book a refundable rate. This gives you the flexibility to search for cheaper bookings closer to your trip. Should you find a cheaper option, you are able to cancel the refundable booking, and rebook. Most car rental companies run specials if their demand is lower at any given time.

Decline the extra car rental insurance. Often your own insurance company will cover you in the event of an accident in a rental car. But make sure that they do before you rent a vehicle. Automatic insurance is available through companies like American Express, who offer free travel insurance when you purchase a flight ticket with your American Express credit card.

Bring your own GPS and car seat if necessary. Car rental companies will charge extra for the use of GPS for navigation or car seats should you be travelling with a child. Using your smartphone is an excellent alternative to using a GPS. Load music and audiobooks onto your smartphone for entertainment. Not all rental cars come with a radio system, and some companies charge extra for these.

Do not take the prepaid gas option. Fuelling costs through a car rental company are often more expensive than going to a regular gas station. Rather refuel the car before you return it to the company. Cut down on the number of days you need to rent a car. It is far cheaper to book a rental for short periods than it is for a longer period.

Book from another location when renting a car for business use. Airport rental agencies charge more for their rentals, and charge an array of extra fees. Always return a rental car on time. Ask if you need it for an extra day.

Be nice to the rental car company staff. When asking for an upgrade, it is always useful to be friendly and kind. You never know when you might be in luck and get a free upgrade because you were courteous. Choose one person to be the driver. Having more than one name on the rental agreement can often cost you more. Choose one person to be the designated driver.

When driving a rental car, always drive carefully. You do not want to be liable for any costs for damages to the rental vehicle.

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