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Dear Auto Speak: I have a 2005 Infiniti G35 with 134,000 miles. The heat shields, top rated and base, have rusted on my catalytic converter.

Can I just substitute the warmth shields on this car or truck? Could you convey to me an approximated price and time expected to have these changed? From reading your column, I realize it is essential to exchange them. Thank you. – Wendy

You’re suitable, Wendy. I believe it’s crucial to exchange your warmth shields. But rarely anybody does it.

The warmth shields do what? They defend heat! Your catalytic converter can get as hot as 600-700 F when it is working tough – even hotter if it’s plugged up and malfunctioning. The heat shield on leading helps prevent that warmth from melting your carpet, or, even even worse, your Manolo Blahniks. The defend on the base keeps the converter from setting fire to grass or leaves or nearly anything else you park around that is flammable.

I never know the precise price tag of the warmth shields for this automobile. I would guess it is likely to cost you many hundred bucks. But with 135,000 miles on your motor vehicle, I do fret that your converter itself could be nearing the close of its valuable daily life.

So, an additional option, if you system to retain the car for a whilst, is to exchange the full converter now. It really should come with its personal, new heat shields hooked up. That is heading to operate you an easy $1,000. But you’d despise to expend $300 for warmth shields and then will need a new converter in 6 months, right?

If you have a mechanic you belief, discuss it about with him. Talk to him to glimpse at the exhaust program, see what variety of problem it is in and then give you authentic estimates for both equally jobs. Question him what he’d advise.

Even though fires are scarce, they do take place, Wendy. So, 1 way or a different, I recommend you get your warmth shields changed. And right up until you can get it done, try a pair of asbestos booties for your Manolos.

(Car Discuss is written by Ray Magliozzi who, along with his brother, the late Tom Magliozzi, hosted the long-jogging syndicated radio clearly show “Car Converse.” To question a automobile problem, check out and click on on Speak to.)


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