Experiencing Life With an InStep Quick N Lite Bicycle Trailer (QL152)


With springtime here and summer quickly approaching, you may be trying to come up with new things the family could do together. People are tired of being stuck indoors and today, more parents are encouraging outdoor time or physical activity, which is healthier and a lot more fun. If you are among those that want to raise your child to enjoy and appreciate all the wonderful things life has to offer, then you obviously want to limit excessive computer and television time. Instead, you might want to look at different bicycle trailers so the entire family can get outdoors together.

The great thing about a baby bicycle trailer, such as the InStep Quick N Lite Bicycle Trailer (QL152) is that you could hook it up to virtually any bike, pack up the car, and in no time be taking a wonderful ride in the countryside. Although a number of bike trailers are sold, the InStep Quick N Lite is considered at the top of the list. For one thing, this baby bike trailer is made by a reputable manufacturer but the materials and workmanship involved with the design is unrivaled.

Typically, parents are attracted to the InStep Quick N Lite Bicycle Trailer (QL152) because of the low price. Costing less than $140, this is without doubt one of the favorite choices for bicycle trailers. In fact, many parents learn about the InStep quick n lite trailer ql152 because they own one of the many quality InStep strollers. After price, the lightweight construction is also something you would love. After all, if your goal were to spend more time outdoors with the children, then you want a trailer that would be easy to get to and from your destination.

The frame of this brand of baby bicycle trailer is made of aluminum, which means while being lightweight it is also strong and durable. Of course, because of the lightweight frame, pulling these bicycle trailers means less work for you. Even the 16-inch alloy wheels make a huge difference in the pull effort required by you but also the children would experience a smooth ride that makes the entire trip more fun but also safer, especially for smaller children.

You would even have a choice of different bold colors to include orange, red, and blue. In addition to the colors being stylish, they also make the InStep Quick N Lite Bicycle Trailer (QL152) easier to spot so it serves as a safety feature. Other benefits of buying this particular baby bicycle trailer is the rust free rims, seating for two children with a 50-pound capacity each, and weather shield in case you were out for a bike ride and got caught in rain. This InStep bike trailer also has a screened canopy to keep sun off the children while providing them with proper ventilation.

You would enjoy the handy storage on the back, quick release wheels, versatile bike attachment, and easy assembly that requires no tools. After spending time outside, the InStep Quick N Lite folds up to just 31.5 x 31 x 16 inches so it fits just about anywhere. However, the one feature of this specific bike trailer that makes it such a great buy is that within seconds, it can convert into a stroller. That way, if you and your kids wanted to go for a bike ride, then you would attach the baby trailer ql152 to your bike but if you wanted to go for a walk or jog, the trailer would turn into a stroller!

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