Geo Metro Electric Car Kit – The Easiest Way to Convert Your Metro Into an Electric Vehicle


If you own a Geo Metro, you will love its compact size and versatility. It is an inexpensive and reliable car. Unfortunately, just like any conventional automobile, the Metro uses an internal combustion engine power plant. Back in mid 2008, gasoline prices were at its highest and many car owners were having a tough time coping. One way to reduce our decency on fossil fuel is convert our car to run on electric power. How do we convert a Geo Metro into an electric vehicle (EV)? The easiest way is by using an electric car kit.

The concept on an EV conversion is to remove the gasoline driven engine and replace it with an electric motor. To generate propulsion, the motor is connected to the existing transmission unit. In order to line up the motor and transmission shafts together, a metal joining plate will be used. The plate would have to be custom made with all the bolt holes drilled at the exact location to meet the transmission housing. This might be a tedious and time consuming process for the conversion project. To save time, we can use an off the marketing Geo Metro electric car kit.

Most EV conversion kit will have all the important parts in the package. The key components needed for an electric car retrofitting are the electric motor, controller, variable resistor, joining plate, universal coupler, gauges etc. These are generic parts that you can buy from a local hardware store. The challenging is to find the right unit to suit your EV power system which can be time consuming.

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