Getting Around KSA: Transportation Tips

Tips Perjalanan ke Jeddah & Kunjungan ke Arab Saudi

Saudi Arabia is a big place, the sovereign state spans over 800,000 square miles. This can make getting around a bit of a challenge. The cities are spread out over the state, and it doesn’t have the best public transport systems within the cities themselves or between them. When it comes to travelling around Saudi Arabia, you have several options; let’s explore them.

Rental Car

The first option when it comes to travelling around Saudi Arabia is car rental, and there are a lot of companies to choose from, including iYelo, which has a number of deals to choose from to ensure you get the most out of your money. The truth is that Saudi Arabia was really built for cars, there is so much to do and see, and often, a lot of it is outside of the cities, and it needs travelling too. To rent a car as a visitor to Saudi Arabia, there are a lot of requirements that need meeting, and they can vary between providers, so be sure to do your research. 


The next option to consider when getting around Saudi Arabia is rail. The railway network in Saudi Arabia isn’t that great. It doesn’t cover the entire state; it currently only connects, Al-Hofuf, Riyadh and Dammam, although there are plans to expand. The trains between these cities do include several stops along the way, and they are regular throughout the day. Train tickets are relatively cheap, so it could be a good option for those on a budget. 


Depending on your plans, travelling by plane can help you to make the most of your time in Saudi Arabia. It is by far the most efficient option; this means if you are on a time crunch, it will help to ensure that you can travel between cities quickly to make the most of your visit. In addition, the flights themselves do tend to be cost-effective, often rivalling the price of a bus ticket. However, travelling by plane does mean that you won’t get to enjoy the scenery during the journey itself. 


Saudi Arabia does have a pretty extensive bus network. Bus tickets can be pricey, but the buses themselves are somewhat luxurious for a bus; your comfort is all but guaranteed. They are air-conditioned too, which can feel opulent in the unrelenting heat and humidity. The bus system itself is operated by the Saudi Arabian Public Transport Company. The bus system is more far-reaching than the railway system, but travelling a long distance can obviously take some time, so if you are short on time, it might not be the best option.


Taxis are a great option when it comes to travelling within cities. Taxis in Saudi Arabia are white, so they’re hard to miss. Most of the time, you are expected to haggle over the price. You are also likely to find Uber or other ride-sharing apps in use in the big cities.

Final Thoughts

In truth, the best way to cover the most ground in Saudi Arabia is by car. The rental process is also pretty easy, and it simply ensures that you have the freedom to construct your own itinerary. Planes are the quickest option, but the tickets can be pricey, and you don’t get to experience the magic of travelling around the state on the ground. There is so much to do and see, travelling by car can really help to ensure that you get the most out of the trip.

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