Hacks that can save you serious money on car repairs


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If you drive a car to your workplace or everywhere you roam about your daily duties, there is little you can hate than having your car repaired. These services are usually expensive and time-consuming everyone hates to encounter. But they are usually inevitable, at some point, you will find yourself in front of a mechanic shop, towed or driving, all the same. Fret no more, whether you are dealing with mechanics that try to upsell their services and take a toll on your pocket, here are some tips and hacks that will save you money as much as possible and also the time you spend in a garage.

Shop around for the cheapest mechanic in your area and stick with them

It is the most obvious tip but also the most important hack for car owners. If you get a mechanic who treats you with the best customer care services and trusts them to do standardized car repairs on your car, then stay glued to them for all your car repairs. Help them because they are trustworthy by giving them work whatsoever. They deserve you giving them another opportunity to serve you. I bet in return, you will receive more and more discounts. Refrain from listening to hearsay that discourages you from going to a certain garage unless they have a testimony to tell, otherwise get there and feel the experience. If they are good, stick with them if no, go to the next shop.

Look for approved car garage shops near you

You should consider going to a garage that offers approved car services by the relevant bodies or authorities for your regular repairs. Ensure they pay a yearly membership to relevant auto repair authorities before trusting them with their services. Agencies like ASE a major certifying body in the USA. You should trust any mechanic without ASE certification lest you regret being ripped off or being given substandard services.

Check for online reviews 

It is advisable to check for online reviews to find out what other car owners are saying about a mechanic shop. If you spot about two to three negative reviews, then you should think twice and let alone, move on to the next. It is better to ascertain before whether the garage has a specialty service for certain brands or not. Specialty garages are thorough and can offer better services to your car than general car garages.

Give a call or visit the garage you identify or visit in person for more

This something a few people do. You should see the cars in condition and not the cars which seem parked for a pretty long time before. Yours might be the next one parked there if you are not careful. Check to ensure the turnover of people with car issues is high, it indicates that they are trusted with the job. Check the car forums if it appears subject of any. Listen to what other people are saying about the shop keenly before making decisions.

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