How driving a car made me a better motorcyclist: Here’s what I learnt



As a biker, I started out averting going also shut to car or truck blind location regions and keep away from heading parallel to autos to use it as a shield.

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Hi there All,

My adore for automobiles started prolonged back again all over the 90s and when my uncle acquired Hyundai Santro in 1998, it greater manifold.

We did lots of visits to locations like Coorg, Bandipur, Mangalore and so forth., on the humble Santro and hardly ever faced place or basic safety challenges. GNCAP was a alien concept back again then. I recall an incident, while we are returning from Coorg at night, horn stopped operating and we had to occur all the way until Bangalore only by communicating with other motorists through modifying superior beam/minimal beam.

Quick ahead to 2010s, I did ton of bicycle driving, right after I joined an IT firm, like quite a few of us and did good deal of bicycle driving at Hyderabad and Bangalore.
As a biker, we only utilised to see a gap on road, not anxious about blindspots and so on.

I experienced met with an incident the moment, wherever I am going on my bicycle at around 60kmph as standard and you will find great deal of mud because of to significant rain on a curve, and bike skidded and I fell down, hit the highway hard and dragged for several meters and arrived to a end. From the ground amount, I could see a van likely future to me.

The scratches on my helmet inform the story even now:

Lesson 1 : Dress in a Fantastic excellent helmet. It will just take all the scars to safeguard you.

Helmet shielded me and had an ankle sprain for few weeks as the bicycle fell on my foot.

Now, coming to 2020s, I begun driving my have motor vehicle and I begun realizing all the issues bike riders make, when we change the point of perspective from biker to car driver.

The very same website traffic scene might show up in another way to a automobile driver or a bicycle rider or a bus driver on the highway, as each individual of them has a diverse vantage place and vehicular capacity. Case in point, a bike can squeeze by a gap, but not a bus.

As a biker, a swift maneuver can give prompt thrill, but what is the price of the possibility ? This is the problem, every single biker will have to believe just before venturing on streets.

Same applies to automobile motorists, as a driver, you may perhaps sense an prompt adrenaline hurry, but there can be a baby sitting on the again seat, who may possibly be wondering, how to enjoy with their buddies, when they get out of the vehicle.

Hardly ever disappoint them, for a couple of minutes of enjoyment. Basic safety of all travellers is the obligation of the driver.

I like the dialogue from movie “Sully” wherever Tom Hanks claims ” Engineers are not pilots ” .

This is the accurate essence of DevOps which is a buzzword in IT. Development Workforce retains something in brain, although producing the code, only Operations Workforce understands, how the code is essentially doing the job in actual earth circumstance and you will find a conflict concerning DEV and OPS owing to this. DevOps provides the two worlds together, exactly where DEV understands how it is run and where it can go completely wrong.

In the film “Sully”, only when they introduce a time component of human considering hold off, the simulations of engineers will be correct.

Similarly, bikers can have an understanding of challenges of greater cars, only when they travel a car/bus/truck. Right up until then, bikers need to observe fundamental ground policies to make certain streets are risk-free for all.

Vehicles and Bikes ought to co-exist on our roads as its not viable for anyone to obtain vehicles / they could not want autos, and it also exhibits that, the community transportation infrastructure is negative.

There will be scenarios on roads, where by vehicles and bikes have to share house and only when the bikers assume, from the shoes of the truck driver of vehicle driver, they can comprehend, no matter whether a maneuver is protected or not.

So, permit me put some instance scenarios, wherever a auto and a bicycle confront with each and every other and a likely conflict situation can occur:

Lane alter: For a car or truck driver, the area adjacent to the motor vehicle which is not visible in the ORVM and is a blind place. So, if I am a car driver, I have to do a shoulder verify to see if everyone is the blindspot, in advance of transforming lanes.

Not each and every auto driver does a shoulder verify, so to be protected, stay away from driving near blind places for longer period.

Identical applies whilst heading about buses or other heavy motor vehicles as very well.

Suggestion: As a biker, I started staying away from heading as well shut to automobile blind spot areas and stay away from going parallel to vehicles to use it as a shield.

Illustration, glimpse at this biker driving in the blind spot of a truck, which is hazardous.

And an additional example below.

Cutting lanes: Whilst driving auto, we will need to preserve in intellect of braking length to keep away from hitting automobiles in entrance. The major danger to motor vehicle motorists is bikers out of the blue cutting lanes and leading to collisions.

Idea: As a biker, I started out knowing braking distances of car dependent on the pace of the car or truck, and completely stopped chopping lanes proper in front of autos. Bikers need to give more than enough house ahead, for the vehicle or bus to slowdown and lower lanes only soon after supplying appropriate indicator.

Overtaking: Often, when I change on indicator, bikers pace up and overtake me from the similar aspect, from which I’m turning. As a biker now, I started off observe the indicators, wheel course prior to overtaking autos. Avoid overtaking from the the exact same path to which the auto is turning.

Idea: Case in point, look at this biker overtaking a bus from the suitable, which is relocating correct.

A different, why did the biker pace up ? He could have considered, the woman can slowdown the website traffic and he wanted to escape. But see the end result.

Turning: As a vehicle driver, as lengthy as I’m heading straight, there’s no issue with any car or truck. Assume, I am seeking to choose a U change. I will change on indicator. This is when the bikers start out overtaking me from the exact side to which I am turning, assuming I will just take some of their space on the road.

This results in whole lot of pain and can induce opportunity incidents, if the car or truck driver would not do shoulder check. Each individual automobile has a distinctive turning radius and bikers must know that.

Suggestion: If a car/bus/any car or truck is turning, I am waiting around if I’m on a bike and bikers have to wait around for it to complete the transform or push from the other aspect.

Intersections or Junctions: Intersections are the put exactly where there will be lot of cross targeted visitors and probable for T-bone incidents.

Intersections are 2 forms:

  • Managed Intersections : These are managed by traffic lights or targeted visitors police. As a auto driver, once I acquired a green signal, I need to watch out for occasional sign jumpers coming throughout.

Bikers must prevent jumping signals.

  • Uncontrolled Intersections : This is exactly where it turns extra difficult, as each individual driver/rider ought to just take choices in sync with many others.

A minor sport principle and Nash equilibrium will help, the place all of us ought to get a favorable end result considering just about every other’s responses.

Idea: Below, bikers are the most susceptible street buyers. So, they will have to generate and give way.

Look at out another case in point below.

Number of days back again, when I stopped at a Y junction to give way to a vehicle, he was searching at me strangely as if I’m an alien.

Rear ending cars: Sometimes when I am driving a automobile, I utilised to detect some bikers making use of me as a sweeper auto, exactly where I will build way for them and they can travel peacefully guiding me.

As a car driver, this puts more accountability on my shoulder to make sure, I take into account their halting length also to avoid them rear ending me, If I had to brake to keep away from a frontal collision.

Suggestion: As a biker, I stopped next vehicles far too closely thinking of their braking distance. Bikers have to be certain, they will not abide by automobiles way too near as they can rear end quickly.

Bike driving is fun, supplied higher than pointed out basic safety precautions are taken. Always put on a superior high-quality helmet and be certain added security gear like chest guard and so on, in circumstance if driving in risky problems.

Adhere to protected driving methods.

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