How To Make Your Car Masculine


If your car looks a little on the girly side, there are a lot of modifications you can do to give it a more masculine touch. Making your car more masculine will make you confident when you pick up your date, and will make you enjoy it much more when you’re riding in it alone. Below are some ideas on how to make your car a male.

  • Change the Rims: Adding custom rims to your wheels will definitely give your car a manly personality. They not only make your car look really cool, but they also help your car’s traction and steering. Take a car with custom rims for a ride and you’ll definitely feel the difference. Most rims come in standard colors of silver, grey, chrome or black. But you can also get custom colors like white, gold or blue. If you really want to attract attention, get spinner wheels that rotate even after the car has stopped moving.
  • Get Custom Car Seat Covers: This is another great way to add the masculine personality to your car that you’re looking for. You can get solid colors like black, brown or tan in cloth fabric, or you can get nice leather covers if you can splurge a little more. You can also have your car seat covers customized by adding your initials or a design embroidered somewhere on the side of the cover. They also come in dual colors, like tan and black or red and black. An added bonus of having car seat covers is that they protect your seats from dirt, and other debris, making your car easier to clean. Since they keep food and drinks from getting trapped inside the cushions of your seats, seat covers keep your car smelling fresher longer. They also make an excellent gift for any male in your family or office.
  • Get a Steering Wheel Cover: A thick black or brown leather cover on your steering wheel will definitely add some masculinity to your automobile. There are many options when it comes to steering wheel covers. You can get them in leather, suede, polyester, or a soft fabric like sheepskin. The most popular colors amongst men are black and brown, but they also make custom steering wheel covers with different logos on them. You can get a cover with a logo of your favorite sports team on it. And you don’t have to stop there. You can also get floor mats to match. There is no way your car would be considered girly with all these accessories.

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