How to Shoot a Music Video at Home


Looking to film a music video at home? Here at We Buy Any House we have compiled our top tips!

Develop a Concept:

Before you put any money into your music video, the first thing you need to do is develop a concept for your music video and what you want it to be. It’s important that you take the time out to try and come up with a visual aesthetic of how you want your music video to go and think about what the story behind the video is and ultimately, how this correlate to the meaning behind the video.

Decide on a Plan:

Once you have the concept of the story laid out, the next step is to put a room and vision to the story. Think about the layout of your house and the narrative you are trying to convey- and how you can use the various rooms in your house as a way to bring your story to life.

Establish a Budget:

Although your music video doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, lavish or ‘out there’, it’s still really important for you to establish a budget and get a sense of how much financial backing you are going to give your music video. But remember, money is not equal to success in terms of your video. Some of the best music videos have been made on the smallest budget possible, whereas other artists have spent millions of dollars and have ended up with music videos which have flopped. However, it’s important to keep an eye on your budget, as you don’t want to end up in financial difficulty.

Write Down Your Thoughts:

This may sound like an obvious one, but it’s a good idea to write down all of your thoughts and anything that pops into your head. Even if you think it’s insignificant, writing it down can really help you visualise and remember important things- whether that be an idea for a sketch, something you need to pick up in order to make your video work- paper is essentially your best friend. 

Edit, constantly:

The beauty of working in a creative industry is that within reason, you essentially have the freedom to do anything. However, what this means is that your work will need constant reviewing and editing as your through process changes. If you want your art to be effective, then it’s important to self-reflect.

Get the Right Lighting:

When it comes to shooting videos and pictures, lighting can really make or break a final edit. If you’re serious about your music video being something great, then it’s a good idea to find the right lighting for your house. Thankfully, places such as Amazon have great ring lighting that is suitable for filming. 


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