Is it safe to Use Limo Car during this Omicron Layer?


Here's how Trump's $1.5 million Cadillac limo, the Beast, stacks up against the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's limo | Business Insider India


First of all, we all know that new Covid layer is here and we should be safe for it. Wearing mask and social distancing is still compulsory to avoid this layer.

Now the question is, is it safe to travel in limo car during this and the answer is Yes Offcourse it is safe, until we follow SOPs.


We all the know the luxury and stylish benefits of limousine,  but we should know that rental company also following Covid SOPs, and their driver is having vaccine too. 


How you can make sure?

Before booking you can ask the following questions from them, here are some useful tips and question from one of the top limo rental service provider in Toronto:

  • Are you guys following covid SOPs, if yes then can you show us those guidelines in written format
  • Are you crew especially your driver is vaccinated? you can confirm the vaccine of Omicron from him, if yes then his vaccine card.
  • When did your car washed last time and properly cleaned?
  • Obviously you will not ride alone, so when you ride in group then you have to make sure everyone with you got vaccinated.
  • Try to not sit too close.
  • If you or any of you feeling sickness, flue, cough and fever then don’t prefer to travel there, stay home, stay safe yourself and others too. You should isolate youself and protect others too.
  • Offcourse wearing a mask nowadays is same like wearing jacket in winter season.  Yes, you and your all group partners should wearing a mask through a travel, no one should remove it. And believe me pictures will look good in black mask. Mask will help you in preventing from this virus, and also others from your if you have any symptom. Try to wear double mask and once you used it then dispose it instead of using it again.
  • Must use Hand santizer, before and after meeting with your group and once you back home then you must wash your hands properly and changed your clothes.
  • Try to not sit with the drivers in the front seat, as it is less then 6 feet distance so try to avoid it, and one of you can easily get virus, seat back.
  • We all know that what is the capacity of limo, if it is 11 seats, then plan 5 or 6 maximum don’t plan to go with full capacity.
  • Check vehicle closely, there should be partition between driver and passengers, if  there is not partition then ask company to have it booking date.
  • That limo company will not give you those water bottles and newspapers to read, they give then you must avoid it to use.
  • Limo vehice must have disinfected sprays in the cars so that any passenger can user it.
  • Avoid touching your nose, ears , cheeks and your tongue during travel.
  • Try to not have bubble gum, stay close your mouth is preferable.


Above all the tips are for the safety of the travelers, stay safe everyone.


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