King of the Road: The Best Toyota Land Cruiser


Land Cruiser is one of the best off-road vehicles of all time, and its 200 series has set a new standard for the next-generation off-road vehicle. It has the best-in-class off-road capability and an array of executive-level convenience features, making it perfect for any off-road adventure. No matter where you travel, it offers you a comfortable ride, and you will make your family feel safe, even if you are camping in a local place.

This vehicle has everything you could need on rough terrain in stock form, but with some basic mods like a lift and wheels, you can take its off-road capabilities to a new level. There is no denying that the Toyota Land Cruiser is an automotive icon. Although Toyota no longer sells this SUV in the US. If you want an off-road SUV and are on a budget, a Land Cruiser can be ideal for fewer road trips. And that’s why these SUVs command such a high premium.

Here are top things you should know about Toyota Land Cruiser:

1) From the Beach to the Desert, Rocks, and Mud with the Toyota Land Cruiser

Starting at Walvis Bay Airport, he set off at the wheels of a top-of-the-range Toyota Land Cruiser with a 2.8 D-4D engine and automatic towards the Skeleton Coast, known for its many wrecks. The Toyota Land Cruiser got a great opportunity to test on the beach sand. With the car under pressure (about 1.4 bar) and using the ruts created by the previous cars, traction was so excellent that it didn’t need to resort to a reduction gear. The MTS (Off-Road Mode Selector) has an excellent model for driving on sand and mud, which provides good traction control, although the gearbox (L4) is required to use it.

The vehicle’s 2.8 D-4D engine is renowned for offering perfect delivery from low revs, aided by a 6-speed automatic transmission and torque converter tuning. This box has a curious operation – it almost looks like an airplane as it always keeps the engine in its sweet zone. It is in this band between 1,500 and 2,500 rpm where maximum torque is present; hence, the turbodiesel block works best. Many automotive companies can help you choose your new Sport utility vehicle with best performing Offroad Jeep Rims.

2) The Transmission System

If you go over rough and rocky terrain, the transmission never lets the revs go out of range, except in Sport mode (there are Normal, Eco, Comfort, Sport S, and Sport S+ modes – the latter only). It has AVS adaptive suspension, which affects the steering, engine, and gearbox). It enables huge independent wheel travel, permanent all-wheel drive, a secondary transfer case, a low-range set of gear ratios, a huge ground clearance, and a plated underside to protect against rocks. The gears in the car are slightly more spread out. These gear adjustments work perfectly on and off the road and always deliver power. 

A host of control and grip systems also kick in automatically to help out when the off-roading experience runs out. Getting a clear idea of what’s happening around the car is simple, thanks to various exterior cameras. At the top of the car, you will notice the Prinsu-designed Roof Rack with a combo of Rigid Industries off-road lights. Who installed a goose gear drawer system to organize things inside and improve convenience during off-road trips and camping?

Beyond the sands, it heads into the interior of the African country to Messum Crater, where mud tracks are full of sharp rocks. Traction is never a problem on these rocky dirt tracks, but punctures can happen. They are forcing us to keep the tire pressure gauge display on the central instrument panel for most of the trip.

Although Namibia is not a good place to find flat terrain to have fun with a Toyota Land Cruiser, we can easily pass through the dry bed of Ugab and Omaruru rivers and mud and potholes. If you want to increase performance so you should use right wheel size with appealing finishes like 17 inch black rims, red rims, blue rims etc. The reduction gear is a must for your quiet and smooth driving. The car can handle everything, but many problems can arise if the driver makes a mistake, like using the wrong gas.

3) The New Cooler System

We missed going to the dunes this time as they were not part of our program. But we encountered gravel, rocks, sand, mud, and all kinds of terrain. Saw everything from the roughest and most unfriendly to the greenest of riverbeds. It reaches 40 degrees in the middle of the desert in a climate like this. The new version of the car that includes a cooler in the front center armrest that keeps drinks cool or ventilated seats is another feature of this car. Also, the climate control (or cabin filter) gives excellent performance despite the dust around us.

After covering more than 700 kilometers, mostly on sand and stone tracks, the model recorded an average consumption of around 12 liters per hundred kilometers. It is much more than harmony. However, it is a fact that in off-road driving with low speeds and gearboxes with many parts, this consumption can skyrocket.

4) Range and Prices Toyota Land Cruiser 2018

The New Toyota Land Cruiser costs 36,050 euros for professional registration in Spain. Individuals can purchase a three-door car for 40,600 euros and a five-door car for 44,600 euros. The three-door variant starts at 35,850 euros, and the five-door variant starts at 38,900 euros with launch promotions.

There are two models in the range and five trim levels as well. The most basic versions, NX and GX, are aimed at fleets and professionals. In contrast, the other three are intended for individuals: VX, VXL, and Limited. We’ll take a closer look at these last three:

  • VX 

The car features 17-inch alloy wheels, keyless entry, start, halogen headlights, fog lights, LED lights, cruise control, light sensor, leather steering wheel, reversing camera, nine-speaker audio system, or Toyota Touch 2 multimedia with an 8-inch touch screen.

  • VXL

The next step is to add 17-inch alloy wheels, LED headlights, a Torsen rear differential lock, electrohydraulic suspension (KDSS), a sunroof, rain and light sensors, Toyota Safety Sense, adaptive cruise control, parking sensors, or a conventional spare wheel, which will be the best-selling vehicle among individuals. An optional package includes heated and ventilated leather-trimmed seats.

  • Limited 

Among the top-of-the-line features are Cross Traffic Alert, Memory Seats, Blind Spot Detector, Trunk Cargo Securing Rails, Active Crawl Control, Multi-Terrain Select System (MTS), brown and black leather upholstery, Toyota Touch 2 & Go, voice recognition, AVS variable adaptive suspension or 360-degree peripheral vision camera.

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