Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut Ready To Hit 330 MPH (532 KM/H) in Theory



We know Koenigsegg is keen to have a go at the magical 300 mph mark and their Jesko Absolut will be the weapon of preference when they determine to do so.

The precise leading speed stays unidentified but in accordance to organization founder Christian von Koenigsegg, they will be ready to find out in a year. He is not guaranteed where by to do it although as the closed Nevada highway they previously utilized for the Agera is not sleek sufficient for the speeds the Jesko Absolut is able of hitting.

Though talking to Highway & Observe on the mobile phone, Christian experienced the following to say

“If you operate the numbers, you choose the frontal place, the cd, the ability, the gear ratio, the electricity curve… the simulations say 532 km/h (330 mph), or something like that. It is of course a theoretical selection, but that’s what simulation tells us. We do not actually have the ambition to push that rapid. The conclusion consequence will be locale, driver willingness, and car’s capability. But theoretically, it appears to be like particularly quickly.”

The publication requested if Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds would be suited to which he explained “It’s great, apart that it is not very long enough. We can go possibly 85 per cent of the car’s top velocity there.”

The best facility to try this would of class be VW’s Egra-Lessien proving grounds but Koenigsegg does not have obtain to this for relatively evident explanations.

If you are fearful about tyres becoming tortured and getting unsafe at these speeds, you will be happy to know that they have take a look at spun the tyres applied on the Agera RS to 330 mph for a minute without an issue. “Michelin, when they had been there throughout our screening, they didn’t feel their eyes. How kind our cars and trucks are to their tyres.” Koenigsegg engineers will verify that the Absolut’s tyres will be equipped to handle the speeds if the opportunity to take a look at will come up, but Christian isn’t concerned.

Just 125 illustrations of the Jesko will be crafted, and Koenigsegg reported he does not nevertheless know how many shoppers will go for the Absolut, as the configurator was just despatched out just lately.

Time will explain to if we see Koenigsegg grabbing the title from Bugatti but no subject what the final result is, they will be leaving the top-speed chase.

“This is the quickest Koenigsegg we will ever endeavour to make,” Koenigsegg reported at the car’s reveal.


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