My Concern – Your Duty


In plight–

Where as I have retained a domicile of the Prince George’s county for the last 17 years and citizen of this great nation of ours for the last 22 years I have expected and achieved many of the things this nation promised and offered and failed in some that could be expected and should have been ascertained that prompted me to write this letter of appeal for a possible intervention. As it is customary, it is often the hard wrap that we citizens get that make us cry for your ears and help that incites us to contact you, and here you have it from one badly bitten up constituent of yours. Whereas I have been tormented, harasses, stacked, embezzled, robbed and bitten, as it is expected and as it is often done, I had made reports to the local police all or most of the incidents without hope of getting solution for the past incidents and abatement of future acts of crime. To date I found no vindication to past commitment of crimes against me or abatement to current ongoing acts of crime and lost hope in the possible curtailment of future acts as well.

Whereas I clearly understand my duty to serve my country if needed and called up on, I simultaneously feel deeply that my rights and property ought be respected and defended. A citizen whose properties are not defended and whose rights are not respected should not be expected or called up on to serve for duty without right is servitude. As I strongly feel that the only one commodity humanity is willing to exchange her/his life for and had done so for millennial is her/his freedom, the gravity of any violations to any aspect of our freedom is clear to all without any verbal or other fanciful expressions. It deprives the very essence of living as nature has it in itself in all forms to either die or fight to death when deprived of its innate rights. As infringements on my property, civil rights and personal rights has become my staple and the local law enforcement are inept to alleviate or solve the problem, and in the face of ever continuing flagrant invasive and intrusive violations against me, all that is mine and I do: It has become clear to me that the problem is not going anywhere in light of my weakened economic and other means available to me without a help may be of you and your good offices power and authority.

A call for conscious and remedial action:

Where as memory time and space does not suffice it to innumerate all the accounts of my grievances, I shall try to describe them as briefly as I can and leave the details of them to be available upon request.

A) Where as learning is a virtue and teaching a higher calling, when consent and direct two way communications between the two parties is absent. It violates the very foundation of learning and it would only serve either in apparent creation of a sense of entitlement and a sense and reality of duty without rights on the one or the other party when such a direct communication lucking in spite of the well meant and very good intentions. Whereas the teacher or a student is and should be entitled to a private and public acknowledgment for her/his mental or other works. You know better than I, that the absence of such an acknowledgment engenders a host parasite/host relation that corrodes social and personal well being of the individuals or groups involved. I have been locked up in such a relationship with out my consent or intent with people who are much stronger, much organized and with much greater means than I, and I need your help.

B) Where as I believe anything that is done and said with an intent and purpose of service to country in the defense of human freedom and well being is vitreous, when and if anything done in the guise of service lucks accountability, sense of direction by way of inputs, consent and will of the actors on the theater, it becomes a chaotic anomalous disturbance to nowhere and about nothing instead of the synchronous targeted effective persecution of an objective.

Whereas audits may be worthwhile necessary preoccupations, but if one looses the rights to ones audits, how different would it be from losing ones prized property?

Whereas prior consent and agreement is a social legal norm of conducting any for profit or nonprofit business, absent such pre agreement and consent, if and when a work mental or physical is directly or indirectly forced on someone by the use of God given and natural abilities and utensil creations of human ingenuity, how difficult could it be to see the parallels between classical slavery and this kind of modern day bondage? Such a usurpation of my work without prior legal or other agreements and without my consent authorized or implied is the case I bring before you for possible reclaim and future curtailment.

C) Where as I think and believe reporting crime committed against one or the other to the police for a remedial or diagnostic counter measures, failure to garner sympathy leave alone solutions and abatement to repetitive criminal violations against me and lose of hope and confidence again is the cause for this appeal letter just in case you will be able to do something about it and I am sure you can and you will.

D) Where as personal privacy of fellow citizens is one of the corner stone’s of our bill of rights, mine has been diminished to the point of non existence by some invisible untouchables of means and power for reasons not yet clear to me, but clearly not rational enough.

Whereas when a crime is committed by one, it is often the norm to lose a fraction or some of the constitutionally guaranteed rights upon indictment or conviction, it is another to lose any or a fraction without even a formal allegation or arrest as is the case for me, where I feel as a non convicted convict in a jail house without even a formal indictment or court proceedings that I will like you to feel my feeling and act on my plight.

E) Where as modern technological advances had made many high-tech high end tools and gadgetry to people of money, means and ingenuity for good and novel use from medical to industrial productions, it is no news to you that the same tools and instruments could and are being used in manners and ways that are totally and completely incompatible to modern norms and ways (you may call it savagery in modernism and backwardness in modern advance). Whereas their capability to reach, see, hear, and deliver has been enhanced to such an extent, if by intent or by mere accident a wrongfully targeted individual or group by a legal entity or illegal groups or individual could suffer lethal and devastating and irreversible blows. Light and sound wave instruments being among the ones that are extensively used by the medical practitioners, in the hands of untrained ill intended individuals the measure of harm and damage they could do is clear to you than I and I have been and am subjected to deployment of such intrusive gadgets and tools by people who had the means and the organization and I stand in a living testimony to the devastating effects of such gadgetry.

F) Where as the Internet and the cyber technology has enabled and enthroned as many, it need no telling you or anyone else that it as well enthroned and enshrined fraud, extortion, embezzlement, theft and recently blackmail and harassment. Where as one of the greatest freedoms entertained and practiced by this nation is the freedom to freely worship the God or no God of ones personal choice, any effort or intent to coerces one in to worshiping a God or religion of preference by any means and way, I for one feel counters the same fundamentals. I have suffered a tremendous amount by such coercive tactics and am suffering and demand its abatement and ask of your help.

G) Where as the entertainment industry is vitally important to the well being and is a vital form of social expression the loss of the individuals right for the mere entertainment value to the public is a highly slippery road to individual civil and human rights that ought be seen with care and diligence. Whereas actors, directors, auditors and writers and everyone else involved in a film or any other media production their relative position, rights and duty are clearly demarcated and legally defined, it sounds to me something to have seriously gone wrong when any local villager demands an action on a scene without any of the legally binding agreements and role allocations and without any accountability by the action calling self proclaimed director individual or group with an ear piercing sonar sound or skin pinching laser. Whereas some things rather remain classified for the purpose and with intent of the public good, limitations ought to be drown as to when the balance tilts in favor of declassification for the sake of the observance of the individual’s right against the public’s interest for classification. After all the public is a collection of individuals and a collection of free individuals is freer than a free collection. Where as a collection of free individual’s guarantees a free collection it can be argued that a free collection cannot guarantee all free members of a collection. Where the night and the bush has become a hiding cover, the car an escaping chariot, and the wall a protective shield; Answer me if you will, do we have to suffer such humiliation as individuals without the exorbitant means to protect ourselves against these local brute brats and outlaws?!

H) Where as it is expected that all the causes of my grievance to ease and help to have been forth coming after and due to the plight I had made to all and everyone concerned and duty bound to see to the well being of any citizen. It is unprecedented to be faced with an escalation of abuse, torment, harassment and extortion to such a level of total physical social and psychological decapitation as a result may be of my appeal for help for there are indications that lead in the direction by way of whistling and the like. The gravity of the circumstance have become such that intrusive interferences and coercive efforts have escalated from audio and video illusive tactics to chemical, physical and medical intrusive interferences that I have become a living cadaver on whom medical autopsy is being performed every night from the tip of my finger nails to the tip of my head hairs. To know may be all and none of what I might have been mad of and evolved to be despite my understanding and full knowledge that I am an ordinary person living and leading an ordinary life. I will leave to the concerned and diligent reader of this plight, to imagine and calculate the lasting and temporary medical, psychological, economic, social and moral coast of such belligerence and disregard for the well being and right of a fellow human being and simply say once again and for ever more stop and help stop this scourge. Be mindful of the fact that even things made of iron and steel have malleability and ductility limits that they simply yield and break in time under pressure, leave alone me who is made of flesh, bones and blood. And I beg all not to let it break for every ill that begets one begets everyone else and will not be limited to one in form and content however small. As it is clear that we do not let others do unto anyone what we do not let others do unto us, but if we do, it will or sure could be done unto us as well. Thus It would be every once moral imperative to see to it that these acts are stopped as all morality ultimately is nothing other than being placed in the shoes of the other and fell the joy and agony he feels as that is a certain possibility for its direct and indirect effects to reach every one if let stand

I) Whereas refusal to succumb to coercion and intimidation are not only practices entertained and forced it has become rather the way my complaints are being answered. Physical torture and mutilation has become pervasive to the extent one disbelieves one lives under the laws this nation and in this nation. Identity theft web de-froudment and domain usurpation for material theft, psychological, medical and physical manipulation has been escalated to the extent one could easily loose once sanity and resort to insanely ways and means. The mention and invocation of scientific, biblical and political who is who of this nation and others in apparent effort to make one submit to the empty and meaningless phrases and statements ever broadcast via the Internet, the telephone and the television and other hidden audio and video transmitters simply defies any norm I had known in my 52 years of living on this Earth. It would have mattered less if the abuses were confined to broadcasts devoid of physical harm ,but the fact remains their acts are not limited to the physically harmful ,but it has become increasingly downright toxic and lethal as my cry for help and my written expose of the crime continues. In spite of my grand effort to avert, restraint and defend this atrocious indiscretions the determination to physically and mentally undermine, incapacitate, render me irrelevant by chemical, light, audio and electronic and electrical instruments have increasingly become unmatchable by my individual means and ability. As it is the sole intent of the state and the social contract to come to the aid of the individuals need when and if the individual is not able to defend himself and stand for himself. I had before and I still appeal for help again and for ever more from the authorities for the abatement and permanent solution to this scourge. As it was not a long time ago that I made these appeal to whom it might have concerned, yet I am not sure to date that it had fallen on at least sympathetic ears or if it had at all fallen on some ones ear and caught an eye it ought be none other than the eyes of my tormentors, and they do seem to have both the means and the organization and the power to either cover every ones eye and deafen every body’s ears or simply make it invisible and in audible as they often do. It have been clear to me as I had made it clear from the outset that these definitely are organized are endowed with the capacity to wreck havoc on any one who simply refuses to surrender to their intimidation, coercions black mail, suggestive and implicating moves and tactics. Their exploitative tactics of hacking in to my work and my life is not enough it have now become a way of life for me to live to expect an unwanted visitors with their stunt guns and laser guns, sound guns lenses and mirrors if and as soon as I start working on anything of value that I have given up on doing anything including reading in my own privacy at work or residence. That is the freedom I am enjoying in the land of the free and home of the brave and indeed I clearly see the bravery and the freedom the extortionists, thieves and tugs are entertained with and only wonder if that is what it takes to make it anywhere. It is even funny and ironic that all the laws of privacy, civil and the rest of them all combined apply only to those who respect them and the greater desire to abide by them while the other parties make a total mockery of them and get rewarded even better, and think maybe that is the bravery and the freedom of action and thought that is reiterated in the national anthem or is there that I am missing and still beg an explanation from all the free and the brave to dare and tell me the raw truth. Believe me I can stand to bear the raw truth if I were able to carry all that I had written and said above. I feel that I am dealing and confronted with a group and an organization that had made it its true mission to cause any harm, physical psychological, social and monetary to get their way across, their miracles accepted to be the norm and a complete submission to their will which they equate it to the will of their creator. Such are the idiosyncrasies that are entertained by these groups and tugs that I simply say, I can’t stand them anymore and still demand and ask the resolution of this matter before some one innocent get terminally heart as it had happened many times. This to me is not a game this is not an entertainment, it is not educational and it is not even funny or serious it just is outright criminal, destructive, parasitic, and predatory that ought be stopped and stopped now!!!

II) It is with such people who relent no less than seeing what they wish and believe realized by any and all means that they might be willing to do any and every thing including and not limited at all by fear of God or Law . They had rather believed that they are the law and the God they proclaim to have believed in whose name they think can kill and get away with as they have often done. They often employ and manipulate air, sound and light as their weapons of murder and torture that are often easily concealed from the victims, officers of the law and the general public that they have often are dubbed the miracle makers and their murderous acts miracles.when they get what they want they accuse you of all possible crimes and call you all possible derogated names and when they seek they call you coach and are the kind who are left only with veracious appetite and no conscious whatsoever.

III) As we read this letter I am under fire and being assaulted by the same tugs and gangsters with instruments of teaser, laser, stunt guns and sonar. It would be hard for me to imagine who would provide them all these gadgets and instruments of assault and decapitation and lament as to why the school behind my residence is their staging ground. The school yard after 6 or 7 o clocks turns in to a shooting range every night and the shootings every night accompanied with incomprehensible mambo jumbo have escalated to a point where one can’t simply ignore it and hope that it will somehow subside or disappear on its own. It has become rather clear and is made more than ever more and more blunt in its motive of intimidation and harassment to bring those of us in to conformity with some of the widely held beliefs and norms out of fear or rob us of our measured intellectual and physical labor’s fruits and they have often made that clear by their open and flagrant plagiarisms. The effort to dictate their will, desire and need has become more and more physical as opposed to the psychological, material, and subliminal it has started out with. The amount of physical punch by electrical sonar and laser jolts they deliver has steadily increase as to either physically, mentally or psychologically and monetarily incapacitate .The one surprising irritant to them as is often indirectly indicated by their ever increasing intensity of their deplorable practices seems the inability of their actions ineffectualness to the degree they believed it should.

These indeed are relentless tugs that ought to be stopped by all means for if they can do it to one they sure will do it to many but only in time. Above everything else their effort to make their treason-some acts as though they came about by the wrath of God or are of natural causes and hid themselves from any kind of responsibility is an ultimate criminal act of cowardice. I am sure many will agree that there are no some men who are ridden like horses and others who ride them, and there are no masters and slaves or servants for we are all created equal, but only with varied interests and skills talents and gifts , rolls and positions no one Else’s more important than anybody else for the social machine only works or moves not with one part missing and we are all parts of one national social machine. I demand and expect my roll and everyone Else’s roll be respected and acknowledged as I will do so instead of the nonsensical degrading and belittling disrespect of the arrogant hooliganism which has become a staple of mine these days.

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