Top 5 Ways To Sell Any Car Quickly in Dubai


Do you want to toss out your old car to get a new one for yourself? Are you finding out the easy steps to sell your car? You have landed to the right destination as you will find the simple and easy steps to sell any car in Dubai. If you want to sell your car in a hurry, you have to be flexible with the price. The paperwork should be complete, it will help you to sell your car in less time For further more tips, read the article till the end for your convenience.

Sell Your Car In Auction

Auction is an effective way to sell your car in Dubai. It helps you get a reasonable price for your vehicle and takes less time to sell it. You have two options to sell any car in auction either live auction or online auction. If you choose to go for a live auction, take your car with you and fix a suitable frice according to the age, mileage and the condition of your car. Wait for a reasonable customer who is willing to buy the car in the price you have asked for. 

If you are not getting a buyer at the specified price, try and reduce dome price and hopefully the customers get attracted to your deal. But if you go for an online auction, mention the age and mileage of your car along with the condition of your old car and get your car sold out within the minimum amount of time. Fix the deal and make a suitable schedule for the car ride and get the money if the user is satisfied. 

Sell Your Car Privately To A Friend

To sell your car in Dubai privately is the best option if you know any of your friend or relative who is in need of a second hand car. Clean up your car, repair it if needed and then ask interested parties to visit you and check out the car in person. Don’t hesitate if they ask you to take your car to the mechanic but don’t allow them to visit alone. Let them have a driving test too if they ask you. If all the process goes well make a deal and sell your car. 

Online Car Buying Websites

Another easy and in range method to sell any car in Dubai is to place an ad on the online car buying websites. Some renowned websites are Expat Car Buyers, Dubizzle, Kharab Car, Gulf News classifieds, Khaleej Times classifieds and more. So made some good clicks of your car, place an ad online on any of the websites mentioned, add the details of the car, select a price to sell your car and get a buyer in no time. 

Sell Your Car As Scrap

If your car is older and you think, it will not get a profitable price, you can scrap your car. You will get a potential buyer to sell your car in Dubai as scrap. The cars worth £200 are normally are taken as a scrap. 

To get a good price out of scrapping a car depends upon some factors, like the weight of the car, the material of car, desirability and genuinity of the body parts of the car. There are websites available which provide the scrapping services with a quick reaction to your car details input. Some car companies offer the scrappage facilities so you can sell your car to them as well. 

Sell It To A Dealer

Selling the car to the dealer is a valid option. The dealer will buy your old car because it gives change to him to sell that old car to someone else in a good profitable price. You may not the good price for it probably because the dealer will offer you the less price for your car. But to sell your car to a dealer has an advantage that dealers take the headache of all the paperwork on themselves and you won’t have to take tension about that. So, selling a car to a dealer in Dubai is a fine option. 

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