Top Ways Petrolheads Can Get a Good Deal When Buying a Car



A wanderlust always finds lots of joy in travelling. However, the ones that experience the most joy and comfort from this activity are petrolheads. 

No doubts about it. Cars provide safety, flexibility, and freedom. When driving a car, you are the one in charge of your destiny. You choose the route you want to take. Neither rain nor thunder can put a stop to your desires, only you decide when to stop. 

Thanks to these conveniences, the car market in the United Arab Emirates has skyrocketed and will continue to rise in the years to come. While the entire nation has seen this increase in the market, Dubai, specifically, has shown significant growth compared to other top world markets. 

Buying a car in Dubai has never been more accessible and affordable, and here you’ll learn the top ways to get the right deal and acquire yours. 

Before You Buy: Best Tips for Purchasing the Right Car

Let’s tackle the first issue first. The best tip for getting a car in Dubai is actually getting one. It seems obvious, right? Not so much, really. 

Some tourists want to import their home vehicles to the city, not knowing the arduous steps behind this task. Several documents are required for it, including presenting photo identification, a bill of sale, and even a residency visa that ensures you are a UAE citizen. Now, supposing your papers are in order, you still cannot import a car with the steering wheel on the right-hand side, only one with the wheel on the left. Better to get one directly in Dubai and avoid so much unnecessary stress. 

The second tip is to research beforehand. Finding the proper car takes time, and sometimes, simply buying a car isn’t enough to dissipate your doubts. “Did I get the right car? Did I pay the right price? Did I choose the right model?” Avoid these regrets by knowing what you desire in advance. At least, have three or four models in mind before heading to the dealer. 

Finally, remember to register the car once you have it. In the United Arab Emirates, registration is a must for this activity, but fortunately, it takes very little time to accomplish. Head to the Road and Transportation Authority (also known as the RTA) and register the car within the same day. Last but not least, consider re-registering the car once per year to avoid legal issues. 

Save Money: Get a Used Car Now 

There is no denying that a brand new car is a juicy purchase. However, the differences between a new model and a used one are not that huge in the long run. One subconsciously relates pre-owned with a decrease in quality, but that idea couldn’t be further from the truth. On the contrary, many used cars maintain the ultimate quality possible. Otherwise, they wouldn’t sell at all. What’s great about these types of cars is that they tend to be more economical than spanking new ones. What’s more, they typically make for a stress-free purchase. In most cases, the dealer is the one behind the daunting paperwork, taxes, and licensing management. Your sole task is to sign and enjoy! 

It is worth mentioning that this advantage is not a constant in every case or in every country. Some places have processes in place that demand too much time to get a vehicle, even if it is used. Luckily, Dubai is an exception. Vehicles are more affordable there than in countries like the USA or England, and the overall paperwork is a less arduous and extensive task. In the end, buying a car in Dubai is a win-win situation. 

No Remorse: Post-buying Maintenance Tips 

Use it or lose it. You probably know that saying, don’t you? As it turns out, it’s not entirely correct. The real proverb should be: use it wisely or lose it. Because it is not just a matter of acquiring a car. That is only the beginning. The real deal is driving it properly. Take it easy; this is not to scare you away with how bad things may turn out. Instead, it’s an intelligent approach to guaranteeing a lifetime of amusement and assertiveness. Here is what you must do. 

First of all, make sure you change the oil at the right intervals. Used oil is polluted, and transfers dust and filth to other parts of your vehicle, which ultimately, interferes with its functioning. Nonetheless, even if you don’t drive the car, the oil must be replaced anyway. The longer it stays in the motor, the less effective it becomes. Moreover, it may produce moisture which affects the engine as well. Thus, we recommend changing the oil at least two times a year. Whenever in doubt, just ask for advice from a mechanic. 

Second, pay attention to the lights. Sadly, this is a common issue for every car owner. The good news is that the best way to avoid it is through awareness. When bulbs start to dim, replace them with brand new ones. It is an easy job that will prevent regrets and penalty fees. 

Lastly, clean the car regularly. Most owners wash their cars for the sake of the look. They want their beloved machine to look fabulously, and it is understandable. However, cleaning inside and out lengthens the life of the vehicle as well. When you drive, salt, dirt, and mud get attached to the car’s exterior. A less tragic scenario is that the dirt damages the paint and a car’s finish, but of course, no one wants to end up in that situation either. In the worst cases, it damages the mirrors and tires, which are key for security. If you check your car every now and then, none of these problems will manifest at all. 

The world keeps moving forward and staying behind is not an option. One has to take the ride sooner or later, and as usual, it’s the sooner the better. Thankfully, purchasing a car is easier than it was in the past. There is a wide range of vehicles to choose from and plenty of inexpensive options for those whose budget isn’t the biggest. What used to be reasons not to enjoy life, now have become opportunities. Get your car, take that ride, and move forward with the world.


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