What Are Hasport Motor Mounts?


You may be asking yourself “Who cares about motor mounts?” You would probably also be surprised how important they are and how Hasport Mounts are superior. Hasport Motor Mounts replace your stock motor mounts with a billet aluminum housing and polyurethane bushings which provides many benefits.

Stock Honda engine mounts work well on a stock car in new condition. They have soft rubber bushings with steel housings that keep your engine in place and obsorb engine vibrations. However, after time the rubber bushings deteriorate and you will find yourself replacing them atleast every 5-6 years. Why not replace your worn out factory engine mounts with a better alternative?

Hasport engine mounts are made from one piece billet aluminum housings to allow many different engine mount configurations. This allows not only an upgraded bushing over stock Honda mounts, but also unique engine mounts that allow Honda enthusiasts to swap motors!

All Hasport Billet Mount Kits are made by CAD/ CAM processes for exact fitment with either stock engines, or Honda and Acura’s with motor swaps. Hasport has engineered many different engine swap mount configurations that allow many different motors to be swapped into other Honda chassis effortlessly!

Another advantage over stock motor mounts is Hasport’s unique polyurethane bushings. All Hasport Mounts are available in 62A, 70A, and 88A urethane hardness. Choose 62A urethane for a street vehicle which will transfer very little engine vibrations to the chassis for a very comfortable drive. Choose 70A for an occasionally track driven car, or 88A for an all out race car. All bushings are warrantied by Hasport!

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