What Car Has The Worst Seats You’ve Ever Sat In?



A photo of the Honda FR-V car in black.

Three seats up entrance is far too a lot of seats up front.
Picture: Honda

There are a couple of factors all autos have in widespread: they all have wheels, they all have some sort of steering carry out and they all have seats. So you’d hope that every single automaker would have just about nailed down the fundamental principles by now, appropriate? Improper.

Whilst lavish auto corporations like Bentley are proudly showcasing new types with “the most innovative motor vehicle seat at any time,” or what ever its boasting the new back-sweat-sensing chair is, other vehicle makers are struggling to maintain up. In truth, some automakers have ignored the niceties completely and are just fitting our automobiles with spring-laden torture products that can damage any 50 % good street journey.

So, with all of that claimed, what car or truck have you clambered into around the a long time and imagined, “good God, this is the most unpleasant seat I’ve ever sat in?”

Maybe you despise the entrance middle seat in the Honda FR-V, the place you are cramped in between a driver, passenger, and a equipment shifter and parking brake. Not a pleasant place to be. Or maybe, the rear passenger seats in the Jeep Wrangler leave you cramped and uncomfortable as you trek out into the wilderness?

But what about drivers’ seats? One particular of three major points of make contact with you have in between your self and the auto you’re piloting. What ought to be an unobtrusive location for focus and consolation is not normally that way.

Some of the cloth-covered seats you could possibly uncover in Toyotas of aged depart small to be wished-for, and I have driven some really janky Vauxhalls that have concentrations of customization that assortment from “passable” to “painful” with just the finest of margins.

So with all of that in mind, what would be your select for the worst seat you’ve ever sat on in any car or truck? Take to the responses area under to permit us know your thoughts and we’ll spherical up some of the prime picks in a slideshow we can all love.



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