Which Is The Better Electric Car?



Whilst the Tesla Model S is an embodiment of a futuristic inside, the Lucid Air is more reminiscent of a common interior of a auto nowadays. Acquire the steering wheel, for illustration. The Lucid Air has a typical steering wheel — absolutely enclosed, and largely round in condition. The Model S picture showcased previously mentioned, nevertheless, has a “yolk” steering wheel, which isn’t precisely what you would uncover in your dad’s sedan (note: it is feasible to get a common steering wheel in a Model S). Then once again, you probable wouldn’t count on the CEO of any automobile company to also own a social media system and a rocket enterprise, but that’s accurately what Tesla’s CEO does.

Both cars share a ton of monitor genuine-estate, with each the Product S and the Air replacing nearly all their bodily buttons with touchscreens.

In terms of inside good quality and components, the Lucid Air is seemingly greater. It options a host of distinctive fabrics, leathers, metals, and of study course, plastic to create different “moods” in the Lucid Air. Tesla, meanwhile, does have some wood trim and unique leather choices, but it really is not as various and vibrant as the Lucid Air. 

As for their exteriors, both equally hold a clean, flowing style and design to assist minimize drag, which increases assortment. On the other hand, the Design S seems a lot more aggressive in most trim ranges than the additional expert-showing Lucid Air. 


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