5 Signs of a Cheating Spouse: Clues in the Car


So you want to catch your cheating spouse easily? Then the most important thing you must know is all cheaters leave traces of evidence. Try as they might to cover their tracks, a cheating spouse will eventually grow tired of being extra careful and leave clues behind.

Are you prepared to search for evidence of your cheating husband/wife? You have to be emotionally tough because you may not be able to stomach what you find. It can be a heart-wrenching experience to uncover the disgusting details of your disloyal husband or wife. If you think you are ready than let’s get started.

The car of your cheating spouse can reveal many clues. It is important to note that signs of cheating are not the same as actually catching a cheater. Be wary of circumstantial evidence as prematurely accusing your spouse of betrayal without the proper proof could end up disastrous. Although how to catch a cheater is the second step let’s begin with uncovering signs of cheating in the car.

1. The Odometer.

The mileage on a car can tell you a lot about your cheating spouse. Do they claim they are at work, out with their friends, running a spontaneous errand or going away on a business trip? Knowing the approximate mileage to their claimed destination is the first step and then comparing the mileage on the odometer afterwards can uncover if they are telling you the truth or not.

2. The Car Seat.

Long hairs that obviously don’t belong to you, perfume or cologne scents that have no business being in the car are good signs you have a cheating spouse. Other clues are the seat being moved out of its normal position, the shade facing down on the passenger side or even something falling out of a pocket or purse. What personal items can you find that do not belong to your spouse? Check for any left behind pens, receipts, keys or make up.

3. The Glove Compartment.

It’s easy to place personal items here, but often hard to remember you put them there. Either your cheating spouse or their pathetic lover could easily fall victim to leaving behind clues by forgetting things in the glove compartment of the car. What types of items are often abandoned in this part of the vehicle? Often you can recover receipts from out-of-the-way gas stations, perfume or jewelry stores, movie theaters or restaurants? So he/she claimed to be at work? Then why do they have a receipt from a restaurant from that same day? You could find other items such as glasses, keys, make up, PHONES, phone numbers, love letters or even wallets!

The key to remember again about catching a cheating spouse is they eventually get lazy. It wears them out to constantly be conscious of covering their tracks. They WILL leave clues at some point. Be PERSISTENT in searching for evidence of cheating.

4. The Trunk.

Have you ever been in a hurry and just thrown things into the trunk? You have, right? Chances are your cheating spouse or their lover will too. Perhaps during their little rendezvous to the beach or park they forgot to remove their bag full of supplies, you might even find a gift or package meant to soon be delivered to your cheating husband or wife’s lover. Maybe they went to the mall and your husband’s girlfriend didn’t feel like hauling around her purse so she dropped it in the trunk then forgot to pick it up later. It’s not impossible? Your cheating wife might be about to lend her boyfriend your tools! And where is she going to move them to the night before heading over to see him on a supposed “late work night”? You got it! The trunk of the car.

5. The Windows/ Door Handles.

The primary piece of evidence you will be searching for here is finger prints. Purchase a finger print dusting kit and you can find many prints all over the inside and outside of the windows and door handles (not to mention the trunk door and top of the car). I would venture to say that most likely this is the piece of evidence that will be neglected more times than not.

Once you have a suspicion that your husband or wife is cheating then it is vital that you learn the many different forms of clues to research. The car is one of the best places to look as there is a good chance that your cheating spouse will use it to transport their boyfriend or girlfriend.

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