6 Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy


Discover the 6 Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Low testosterone is a common symptom for many men that are aging. However, it can be fixed by undergoing a testosterone replacement therapy where artificial testosterone is being introduced into the body. This can be done in several ways including injections, patches, gels, and pellets. The following are the 6 benefits of testosterone replacement therapy.

  1. Improve Sexual Health

Undergoing a low testosterone treatment can increase the level of testosterone and enhance your sexual health. The sexual arousal naturally increase when the level of testosterone improve. This is proven by a year-long study participated by 470 men that are at least 65 years old with low testosterone level. The participants were given testosterone gel and placebo for a year long. The outcome is that the participants reportedly show consistent improvement in libido and sexual intercourse over the course of the months.

  1. Reduce Heart Disease Risks

Low testosterone level is linked to heart disease. Testosterone is responsible for the red blood cell production through the bone marrow in the body. Testosterone therapy can widen your arteries and improve your heart health. You are less likely to have heart attack and stroke when your testosterone level return to normal through the testosterone therapy.

  1. Improve Muscle Mass

Through testosterone therapy, your muscle mass can improve and the fat mass will be reduced which results in leaner body. You can experience maximum benefits when you combine it with exercise. Muscles mass burn more calories compared to fat tissues. When you have too much fat tissues and low muscle mass, you will find yourself binging on food which results in more fat being stored in the body.

  1. Enhance Bone Density

Many men suffer from osteoporosis when they reach old age. One of the reasons is low testosterone level. With testosterone therapy, you will see an increase in your bone density and muscle mass. With strong bones and higher muscle mass, you will be able to perform better in athletic activities. Testosterone injection is the most effective in increasing bone mass.

  1. Improve Emotional Health

Men with poor testosterone level tend to suffer from depression and they are easier to get agitated. On top of that, they may also find themselves low in energy and not interested in exercising. When you don’t exercise, you gain weight much more easily and become unattractive. As you can see, having low testosterone can put strain on your partner in a relationship. Testosterone therapy can improve your emotional health and this will naturally help you resolve your sexual problem.

  1. Increase Cognitive Thinking and Memory

Testosterone therapy can improve cognitive functioning especially memory. It will improve your thinking abilities, for example, you can recall words from a list better and you can think faster. Studies show that men aged in between 34 – 70 years old have better spatial memory. Women who receive testosterone therapy can also benefit from improvement in verbal learning and memory. Men who undergo the therapy are also less likely to have Alzheimer’s disease when they grow old.

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