6 Tips to Increase Email Response Rate


Considering the new change in working arrangements, emails (believed in pre-pandemic years to be a diminishing strategy for communication) have become more significant than at any other time.

It’s not only about how we communicate between colleagues anymore. If you are currently having issues with your email response rate, this guide will help you improve it. 

Effective Ways to Boost Your Email Response Rate 

Boosting your email response rate is not as difficult as it seems. Below are good methods for increasing the response rate of your email:

Express your intentions clearly 

While composing emails, always be exact with your wording and precisely state what you want from them. Be clear about what data they ought to provide or moves they should make. This can radically expand your possibilities of getting a reaction. Always remember that people are occupied, so do whatever it takes to avoid asking a large number of questions in a single email.

Make it sweet and short

Studies revealed that the ideal subject line is around 65 characters, while the ideal body length is about 100 words or less. Shorter emails have proven to get more responses, and they likewise compel you to make your point clearer quicker. Separating passages and spacing your content can make your messages look shorter. Line breaks are more digestible and simpler to read.

Have a precise value proposition

To boost your email response rates, you should plainly show the advantages (your offer) the recipients would get from reading your email. A value proposition is a short sentence that states the benefits a person gets from utilizing a product or service. On account of an email shows the reader the reasons they ought to make a move.

Develop solid CTAs

The significance of a powerful CTA (Call To Action) couldn’t be more emphasized. In the realm of digital communication, your CTA acts as the bridge between your message and the ideal response that you want your recipient to take. Whether you want to urge subscribers to buy a product, demand more information, or take part in some other activity, the CTA gets this going. It offers clear and convincing instructions that help recipients understand what to do next.

Be careful of typos and grammar errors. 

Make it a habit to always check and peruse your cold emails repeatedly to prevent any syntax blunders or typos—this is vital. It looks amateurish and can seem to lack attention to detail.

Utilize a branded domain name email address

One of the integral reasons people don’t open emails is because it seems spam. This is particularly obvious when your crowd doesn’t recognize the email address you are sending your message. Sending your email from a free public email domain address like Yahoo! or Gmail likewise brings down the possibility that your audience will open their emails.


Email as a marketing strategy is an optimal platform to create leads, boost deals, and drive income for your business. Before receiving the numerous benefits, you want the recipients to become more engaged with your messages. An effective method for estimating this engagement is the degree of responses you get. Visit https://www.lemcal.com for more tools to increase your email response rate.

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