Holley EFI’s Smart Coil Kits for Coyote and Gen III Hemi Will Support Up To 3,000 Horsepower



Holley EFI’s Wise Coil Kits for Coyote and Gen III Hemi Will Assist Up To 3,000 Horsepower

Holley EFI’s Smart Coil Kits for Coyote and Gen III Hemi Will Support Up To 3,000 Horsepower

Holley EFI’s Wise Coils for Ford Coyote and Mopar Gen III Hemi apps have what it usually takes to electric power engines managing significant strengthen or superior-RPM situations. The coils are created to do the job with Holley’s HP EFI, Dominator EFI, Terminator X EFI or any other EFI program that can drive good coils. With the adjustable dwell time, you can modify the coils to your particular person needs. And don’t be concerned about spark energy…there’s a lot on tap to gentle the hearth in your engine.

These Holley EFI Clever Coils are a bolt-in ignition improve for your late product HEMI or Coyote motor. Here’s the variance around a stock coil they create far more spark strength whilst consuming considerably less electrical power devoid of sacrificing voltage output. This implies you get hotter spark at the plug to melt away the greatest volume of fuel in every single cylinder when making use of significantly less electric power from your electrical program. For Hemi mixtures at this time using Holley EFI or Terminator X, use Clever Coil Ignition Harnesses 558-312 & Coil Extension Harnesses 558-326 for a plug and perform remedy.


  • Direct bolt-on to factory valve covers
  • Very same wiring pinout as other IGN-1A coils for simple plugin upgrades (Will not work with manufacturing facility wiring)
  • A lot more spark power than any other good coil on the industry for optimum gasoline burn for the duration of combustion sequence
  • Lower recent draw indicates considerably less desire on the electrical and charging method
  • Crafted-in ignitor for compatibility with Holley EFI and several other aftermarket ECU’s
  • Optimum working voltage of 18 volts – for compatibility with both of those 12 volt and 16 volt electrical devices located in a lot of functionality/race programs


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