Build a Hydrogen Generator to Increase Gas Mileage


You can reduce your gas expense into ΒΌ by using a hydrogen generator to increase gas mileage in a car. You can find installation kit in your local area for less than $100.

It is possible to get it done right at this very moment. Thousand of people nation wide are starting to power their vehicles to run on water by building their own hydrogen generator while spending less on gas. In fact they aren’t making their cars to run on water completely but to convert them into water burning hybrids that still consume a partial of conventional fuel to increase gas mileage at a more efficiency rate.

The hydrogen generator create usable safe gas known as “HHO” by utilizing a small amount of power from your car’s battery to break down water molecules into two components known as “hydrogen” and “oxygen” atoms. Your car engine uses “HHO” gas together with the conventional fuel resulting in the mixture element to increase gas mileages. The rate is much more efficient than gas alone.

Your car will happen to run more smoother and more power with lower temperature. Hydrogen generator not only gives cleaner emissions but also environmental safety. It will prolong your car’s engine as well. The big oil companies and your government are trying very hard to bury this technology. There is no economic value to these companies and your government. Car runs on hydrogen has existed since 1970, it is nothing new but the big guys are paying million of dollars trying to cover up the whole story afraid that it would harm their billion dollars in revenues.

Since many people out there have been experimenting in this water for gas thing there is little evidence being documented, this hidden technology even attracted the media’s attention. The technology normally increases 30% of mileage but you can tweak it by using a hydrogen generator to increase gas mileage in a car to give you more than 50% of mileages.

Any solution that can help you to cut your gas expense in half and able to build yourself a hydrogen generator is worth taking a look. For sure the gas price will still keep sky-rocketing, unless you have 60 thousands dollars of cash to purchase a new hybrid car, but why not invest in a less than $100 on DIY hydrogen technology as a medicine to fight the peaking gas price.

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