C2C Business Model Examples – Selling Services and Items Through a Website


C2C business model is quite a new model. Although it had been around in the past, the popularity of this model came about because of the internet and other online marketing platforms. In this case, there are typically three parties to a C2C transaction. These parties are the merchant, the buyer, and the agent or retailer.

This kind of business has a big advantage over the other eCommerce models. The reason is that these kinds of sellers do not need any particular software system to operate. Instead, they can use their websites to communicate with their buyers and sellers. Another big advantage is that sellers can also choose how they want to sell their products, unlike eCommerce sites that do not allow them to set the sale prices of their products.

Service-based Model

There are many examples of C2C business models. One of the most popular ones is the service-based model. In this case, sellers sell their products only to buyers who need their services. Some examples of service-based sellers are cleaning agents and insurance agents. In this kind of business, sellers need to be efficient in advertising their products and services to potential buyers.


Another example of a popular consumer-to-consumer business in retailing. Here, sellers have to set up their websites, which will contain all information about their products and services. They will also have to engage in some form of advertising with their customers. This is because the C2C platform allows users to post information about their items on the website and connect with other buyers who are looking for the same things as their customers.

Easier for buyers to find information about items and services

The C2C platform also allows users to manage and maintain their sites easily. It makes it easier for buyers to find sellers and find out information about their items and services. This is because the platform makes it easy to add and remove items from one seller’s site and to update other details such as product descriptions and prices. Moreover, the platform also provides features such as sending SMS to alert buyers of sales and promotions and performing searches on different sites so that buyers can find sellers who offer the items that their preferences are based on.

As you can see, C2C seller’s examples are a great way to understand how buyers and sellers can work together on the Internet. Although the C2C business model has been around for quite some time, it is only now that more people are using these websites to purchase products or services on a much larger scale than ever before. Now that more sellers are realizing the potentials of this kind of marketing strategy, there will be more C2C business models that will be introduced over the coming years.

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