Practical Features of Vehicle Maintenance Software


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Software solutions for vehicle maintenance are built to record inventory and assets for companies that have many cars or trucks operating under them. Practical solutions are deployed to support numerous equipment units and workstations across various locations. Such support helps to meet the business requirements without cost overruns.

A vehicle maintenance software offers the capacity to personalize based on the required needs of your business, thus providing you maximum ROI on your fleet venture.

Vehicle maintenance software would include different features. But the solution should compulsorily have these essential features so that it can perform as per your expectations.

1.Management of inventory – The ability to manage every aspect that is controllable of your fleet’s inventory is given to your staff by inventory management. Your fleet is allowed to create a centralized parts catalog. This database within the vehicle maintenance software will include a unique numbering system and have the parts description. The parts are managed from the database and span all warehouses, workshops, and storerooms within your organization. Also, there is the benefit of the user having the ability to automatically record parts, transfer between inventory locations, and manage requisition of parts and adjustments and many things within the fleets’ software system. A company runs more efficiently by reducing time and money and increasing productivity with the benefits of effectively managed inventory.

2. Time and labor management – With this management feature, users can directly in the vehicle maintenance software see the functions and responsibilities of the employees. Some of these functions include

  • Licensing and certification of the technician
  • Performance reports of the technician
  • Reporting of time and attendance
  • Safety records

The labor activities can be tracked by employee, shift, location, and supervisor. Your organization can benefit drastically by providing the ability to improve productivity and reduce the labor cost by combining these features. The fleets can make better use of labor resources by having a centralized labor management system.

3. Management of assets

It is a crucial feature that has to be present in the fleet management systems. Right from initial purchase to its disposal, this feature lets you control all details of the asset. The software comes with the functionality of mentioning the hierarchy of the units, systems, and components. Experts can do this task at the time of populating the equipment database. As a result of this task, the user can create codes for grouping and analysis based on conventional accounting, operating, and physical traits. A snippet of such information would include:

  • Warranties
  • Periodic allocations
  • Downtimes
  • Fuel and oil usage
  • Technical specifications
  • Repair history
  • Accounting
  • Maintenance schedules
  • Historical usage

Your staff can get total control in managing the asset from start to end thanks to the vehicle maintenance software with the ability to track and reference this wide variety of information related to assets.

4. Work order management

This functionality of work order management assists in managing the various factors needed for successful asset maintenance operations. Some such activities may cover work request and invoicing details. This module may include aspects such as

  • Repair and service campaigns
  • Work requests
  • Workshop labor capture
  • Maintenance and servicing schedules
  • Outside repair management
  • Job standards
  • Tracking of repairs and warranties

These features of work management present your team a chance to create customized workflows. This capability will assist in catering to specific business needs. For instance, the work data can be tailored to capture the right data from sources such as the workshop premises.


These are the useful features of vehicle maintenance software. Such a solution would report the excess inventory and aid in smart asset management. The software will optimize labor and time management and allow fleet managers to increase the company’s profit.

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