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Maintaining the car’s aesthetics is perhaps one of the most pressing matters for every vehicle owner, especially when it comes to rich leather surfaces, acrylic glasses, vinyl console covers, and more. Over time, these surfaces suffer from constant exposure to UV radiations, grease and grime accumulation, wet spots, and so on.

Therefore, you can often see the colors fading, seat upholsteries developing cracks, and the surfaces aging faster than usual. Owing to this, you must use one of the top-rated car interior wipes in 2022 to wipe off the accumulated dirt and grime and block UV rays from damaging the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. The wipes that we have picked for you are promising in terms of performance and can cater to your needs.

Compare the highest-rated car interior wipes of 2022

MiracleWipes Car Screen Wipe: Top pick

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With 30 units, this pack of car screen wipes is made to clean the electronic device screens like the multimedia system, your phones, console screens, and more.

Since you cannot use any regular wipe or fabric to wipe these vulnerable surfaces, it’s better to go for a safe product to be used. These wipes won’t cause any electrostatic damage to the screen, maintaining them in optimal condition. Each wipe has a gentle formula that can remove spill marks, fingerprint marks, oil drops, dust, and grime from glass and acrylic electronics surfaces. What makes this product unique is its quick-dry formula that won’t leave any wet spot or cleaning mark on any surface.


  • Keeps all the electronic surfaces clean
  • Has the ability to resist static charge attraction forces and prevent damage


  • Its price is a bit higher than competitors

Armor All Car Wipes: Maximum count

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If you want to have a pack of car wipes that can last pretty long without forcing you to buy another pack soon.

It has sixty wipes, where each is sized decently to let you clean maximum surfaces effortlessly. Using this, you can clean interior car surfaces made from different materials like vinyl, rubber, plastic, leather, metal, and more. There is nothing to be worried about as the product will remove dirt, dust, and grime quickly from any place inside the car cabin without causing any damage to the surfaces. Since it comes with lint-free wipes, disposing of them after usage won’t be much of a problem. Besides, you can conveniently store the resealable bag in your car for some finishing touches to the car interior.


  • Can be used for a wide range of surfaces
  • Makes the car look neat and clean for a long time


  • Does not have any unique UV protection feature

Meguiar’s Fragrant Car Protectant Wipe: Best performance

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If you are worried about the interior car surfaces being damaged from sunlight or losing their rich color finish, this will be the ideal pack of car wipes you can have.

All you have to do is gently wipe different surfaces of the cabin as its gentle, non-greasy formula will remove dirt, grime, marks, and other types of impurities. It will restore the rich color and satin finish of the leather seat upholsteries, console, and other surfaces, along with leaving a refreshing fragrance that will make your car journies more comforting and soothing. Besides, it has UV blocker elements and a Scotchgard Protector to help surfaces combat damages like aging, fading, and cracks.


  • Helps in restoring the color and sheen of the interior surfaces
  • Can protect seats, windshield, and window glasses from aging and cracking


  • Might cause problems in storing due to the bulky container

Weiman Non-Toxic Car Wipes: Best value for money

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If you are looking for a pocket-friendly pack of car wipes for leather surfaces, this will be the best choice.

It is a non-toxic formula having UV blockers so that the solar radiations cannot cause untimely aging and cracking of the car surfaces or fading of the color. You can use it almost regularly for cleaning the dust and grime from leather seats, suede upholsteries, floorboard, and more. Thanks to the six most essential oils they contain, these wipes can moisturize and condition different leather surfaces and prevent them from drying. As the product has a non-greasy formula, you won’t have to deal with wet spots after every use.


  • Best suited for leather surfaces in the car
  • Helps in conditioning the surface material and restores its shine


  • Not ideal for plastic, vinyl, glass, and rubber surfaces

303 Ultimate Car Interior Wipes: Also consider

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This pack of car wipes can be used for both interior and exterior car surfaces like rubber (tires), acrylic and vinyl (console), glass (windshield), and more.

The UV blocking elements in each wipe will prevent the solar radiation from causing damages to the surfaces, like aging, fading of the colors, and cracking. Besides, it leaves a non-greasy and matte finish that will enhance the look of your car for a long time. These wipes can also resist stain marks and the accumulation of dirt so that the car surfaces can look brand new. It is a non-toxic cleaning product with no trace of petroleum distillates and greasy silicone oils.


  • Has the ability to repel stain marks and dust accumulation on different surfaces
  • Blocks the UV radiation and prevents aging, fading, and cracking


  • Not ideal for cleaning floorboards, suede leather, and fabrics

Buying guide: Car interior wipes 

As car surfaces can suffer from a wide range of damages quite early, you must have a product that can help the materials combat aging, color fading, cracking, and so on. With such a marvelous collection of car interior wipes, choosing the best product can be cumbersome and quite overwhelming. To help you out from the dilemma, we have prepared a complete guide that will help you pick the best car wipes for your interior cabin surfaces. This will also help you invest in a pack of wipes that perfectly meets your requirements.

Are Car Interior Wipes Better Than Regular Cleaning Cloths?

Even though many people use regular cleaning cloths or dusters for removing dirt and grime from the car surfaces, they aren’t as efficient as car interior wipes. We have listed down some of the significant differences between these two cleaning solutions that you should know.

  1. The car interior wipes can deep clean the surfaces while cleaning cloths can only remove the superficial layer of dirt
  2. Using car wipes, you can remove grime, grease, stains, and other types of dirt, which won’t be possible with simple dusting cloths
  3. Car wipes have UV blocking elements that will prevent solar radiation from causing early aging and cracks. Unfortunately, this is not something a duster can do
  4. You can get car wipes that can condition leather surfaces. However, a duster might clean the dirt but won’t improve the aesthetic appeal of leather

Factors to consider for choosing the best car interior wipe

Unit count

As car wipes come in different pack sizes, you must decide the number of units per container to meet your requirements quickly. Most packs usually come with 25 to 30 wipes that are best for periodic cleaning of the surfaces. As their effects can last for a long time, you won’t have to use them multiple times in a day. However, a few packs have 60 wipes as well. If you want to invest in a pack of car wipes that will last for days without forcing you to buy another one any time soon, go for a product having more unit count.

Surface material

Considering the entire car cabin, different surfaces will have different materials like suede or foam as seat upholsteries, vinyl in the form of console covers, rubberized floorboard, glass and acrylic as window panes, and the windshield, to name a few. If you want to use a single wipe to clean your entire car cabin with no restriction, go for wipes that are compatible with all these different materials. Even though most products can work with various surfaces, you will find a couple of wipes designed as material-specific. For example, if your car cabin has leather covers, you can choose wipes suitable for different types of leather, like suede, faux, vegan leather, and more.


Since your skin will come into contact with car surfaces, you have to keep them neat and clean by using wipes that are non-toxic. Also, when you are traveling with your kids or pets, you cannot risk leaving the car interior covered with toxins from wipes that contain toxic ingredients. Therefore, it’s essential to check whether the chosen car interior wipe is non-toxic or not. If the chosen product has a sliver of toxic components, it will pose a massive danger for everyone. Hence, always go for a product that does not contain petroleum distillate and silicone oils.


If the chosen car wipe has a greasy formula, it will leave wet spots and grease marks on various cabin surfaces, making them look worn, effectively ruining the overall aesthetic appeal. Sometimes, these spots can become permanent, and you won’t be able to remove them by any means. Therefore, you should go with wipes having light, gentle, and non-greasy formula. It will help enhance the beauty and appeal of different surfaces like leather seats, glass windshields, vinyl consoles, and more.

UV blockers

When the car surfaces are exposed to UV radiations for a prolonged time, they can develop cracks and other signs of early aging. Similarly, the radiation can often cause fading colors, especially when it comes to vinyl, fabric, and leather surfaces. Therefore, it’s best to choose a car interior wipe that can leave a layer to effectively block UV radiations and prevent further damage like early aging, deepening surface cracks, and fading colors. This hampers the structural integrity and strength of the materials.


If car interior wipes don’t have a quick-drying feature, they will leave wet surfaces. This can even create permanent stains when allowed to stay long. Besides, if the moisture can stand for a long time, it might hamper the material strength, especially in fabric, canvas, vinyl, and leather. Therefore, choose a product that can effectively clean the surface materials without leaving wet marks here and there.


Sometimes, even after cleaning all the dirt, grime, and grease layers from the car surfaces, the interior cabin would smell like a rotten coup. This can make you nauseated and often ruin the ambiance of the automobile, which you can’t improve even with a car refresher. Therefore, it’s better to go for a pack of car interior wipes that can leave a refreshing aroma inside so that you won’t have to deal with the odors and unpleasant smell of grease and grime.


Some car interior wipes can improve the overall look of the cabin. For example, if you want a rich, dark look, you can go for wipes that will leave a satin sheen on the cleaned surfaces. Similarly, if you want to tone down the luster of the cabin surfaces, car wipes leaving a dry, matte finish will be suitable.

How much do car interior wipes cost on average?

Car interior wipes usually vary from $3 to $14 based on a wide range of factors. For instance, if you choose wipes specific for cleaning electronic surfaces, its cost will be much higher than any other car wipe pack. Similarly, if your chosen product has more wipes, like 60 units, the cost will automatically increase.

A word of caution

There are multiple consequences of choosing a wrong car interior wipe, some of which are:

  • Improper removal of dirt and grime
  • Damaged leather
  • Formation of stains due to wet spots
  • Enhanced growth of mold
  • Damage to the electronic surfaces due to electrostatic interference

People Also Asked

Q: How often should I clean car seats with interior wipes?

A: Normally, you can use the wipes twice a week to remove dirt and grime from the car seats. But if there is a spill or a stain mark, it’s better to use the car interior wipe on the go.

Q: Will the car interior wipe leave marks on my windshield?

A: If you have chosen a car interior wipe pack with non-greasy and quick-drying formula, it won’t leave any mark or spot on the windshield.

Q: Do I need to rub surfaces with a dry cloth after using car wipes?

A: No, you don’t have to use a dry cloth if you use car wipes that come with a quick-drying feature that won’t leave wet spots.


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