Ways to Get Bass Pumping Out of Your Car Audio System


Like any music lover, you want the simple things in life – a good car audio system that allows you to listen to all the notes on the spectrum. Upgrading your car audio system will allow you to here that bass, which has been eluding you up till this point.

All-in-one Subwoofer Units

To get the bass you desire, you will need a subwoofer, which is devoted to generating and producing the lower frequencies of bass. Subwoofers are available as an all in one package, with amplifiers and the subwoofer enclosure.

The main advantage of an all in one package is that it takes up less space in your car as they are combined together as a unit, rather than several separate units. It also means you don’t have to find space for everything, nor is installation as complex as you are essentially installing one thing. This is without a doubt the easiest way to install a bass unit into your car with minimal fuss.

However, there are some disadvantages. These units are generally not as good as separate parts, mainly because they are often smaller as they need to fit within the space of a unit, which will sit behind the seat or in part of the boot. They are, however, still worthwhile units, which are compact and make the installation process ten times easier.

Subwoofer Enclosures

Pre-made enclosures are one of the easiest ways of getting great bass from your system. There are as well more options than with all-in-one units, as you can choose different types of materials and sealed, vented and bandpass enclosures – all of which have their advantages and disadvantages.

The main benefit is that you have more choice over which subwoofer you use, meaning you can pick the best subwoofer for your uses. Secondly, the quality of output mainly relies on the quality of amp and subwoofer used. You can achieve as good as quality as custom enclosures (the best out there) by adding the right equipment to your car audio system.

The only problem is that you do have to select your equipment carefully as certain subwoofers work best with particular subwoofer enclosures and amps and others do not. It is about matching your equipment together, in order to get the best sound.

Bass Enhancer

An alternative is a bass enhancer – this ingenious device manipulates the signal even before it reaches your speakers or subwoofers – and is extremely compact too! Some models are designed to be used without subwoofers and are manufactured in order to improve the frequency range and quality of your speakers. It enables speakers to produce a sound range that is usually beyond their scope.

Getting the vast range of sound has been made much easier by car audio manufacturers, as they have created a whole range adapted to everyone’s needs from the musical expert to the occasional listener.

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