Car crashes into Arizona beauty shop, driver arrested for unrelated warrant



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Two people inside an Arizona elegance store were being mostly left unharmed after a car or truck crashed by the store’s front window and arrived barreling inside of. 

The incident happened Thursday when a driver unintentionally left the automobile in generate and attempted to set it in park. The driver then accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brake, the Tempe Police Department claimed. 

“We never know how it transpired, truthfully,” a youthful woman who was within the auto as a passenger during the incident, explained to Fox Phoenix. “It transpired so quick.”

Surveillance movie launched by police displays two persons inside the retail store when the motor vehicle abruptly crashes through the window. The two are pushed back as the automobile moves ahead, destroying a retail outlet aisle. 

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A driver crashed into an Arizona beauty shop and was arrested on an unrelated warrant, police said.

A driver crashed into an Arizona beauty shop and was arrested on an unrelated warrant, law enforcement claimed.
(Tempe Police Department )

Just one person was taken to a healthcare facility with minor injuries. The driver was arrested for an remarkable warrant not associated to the crash. 

Raymond Woolfolk, a security guard at the store, told the news outlet that he woke up late that early morning and was present at the time of the crash. 

“Good thing I woke up late this morning, since I would’ve been sitting correct there in that chair or that stool appropriate exactly where the affect took place. I believe I’m pretty lucky nowadays,” he said. 

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