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Your car is your pride and joy. It transports you from A to B without a fuss, responds to your accelerations with gusto, keeps you and your passengers comfortable and safe, and you treat the engine to high-quality fuels and oils. What about the car’s exterior?

Keeping your vehicle’s paint in check prevents rusting, peeling, and expensive repair work. Industrial fallout – small particles of smog, dirt, debris, grease, grimes, and grit – eat away at your car’s paintwork. Not only does it look unsightly, but it can also lead to permanent damage to the paint and panels that will require thousands of dollars in repairs.

Regular cleaning will go a long way to preventing costly repairs. Car maintenance products such as paint protection waxes, coatings, and sprays are designed to keep your vehicles’ paint shining perfectly for a lifetime of trouble-free ownership. Which products do you use to clean your sedan? Do you have any special soaps for your SUV to clean it after a weekend of off-road use? How do you clean your vehicle with these products? Read Shine Armor reviews of their products and how their customers manage to keep their vehicles’ exteriors in tip-top condition.

Why bother keeping your car’s exterior clean? Apart from the dangers of rust forming on the metal panels, a vehicle that looks to be in poor exterior and with defects to its paintwork and body panels will instantly suffer a reduction in value. Washing your car regularly will maintain the paint’s colour and lustre. Staining, marking, and fading is caused by dirt and debris, so removing those from the paint’s layers will prevent permanent marks developing.

Auto paint is covered with a clear coat to protect it from weather, bugs, and dirt. Naturally, this layer erodes from the weather and through simple ageing. Using a car wax to polish your vehicles adds a refreshed layer of protection to its paintwork as a defense against the worst of the weather’s elements.

A regular cleaning routine doesn’t have to take you many hours. Stick to the basics and do “spot cleaning” between washes to decrease the amount of work you’ll do when you wash your car again. Start with the basics by buying a leading brand of car wash to treat your car to a thorough clean from top to bottom. All you’ll need is a sponge, bucket, microfiber towel, car wash, a hose or pressure washer, and some elbow grease. Rinse the car first to remove the dust and dirt. Using your sponge and bucket with car wash soap, wash your vehicle by starting with the roof and working downwards to the door sills. Then, give your wheels and tyres a wash too. After that, rinse the car clean with your pressure washer or garden hose. Be sure to then dry it off with a microfiber towel.

Taking your auto care maintenance to the next level can be achieved with valeting, detailing and ceramic coating your car’s exterior. Your local auto shop and auto parts store will have a selection of car maintenance products. Making it easier to choose the right products, many brands package their products into handy kits. These kits include microfiber towels, spray waxes, quick coats, tire cleaning gels, and car wash soaps.

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