Kia EV6 High Frequency Sound Under Investigation



While Kia’s to start with dedicated electric vehicle, the EV6, carries on having prizes all over the world, the South Korean carmaker is investigating a mysterious superior frequency that bother passengers though driving at small speed.

In accordance to KBS Television information channel, Kia said that it was mindful of the grievance of some prospects and was investigating the bring about of this troublesome higher-frequency sounds whilst driving.

The procedure to heard that audio is easy. An EV6 vehicle that is traveling at 30 km/h and then stops to wait around for a purple sign and as the car or truck slows down to fewer than 10 km/h, a unexpected ‘beep’ is listened to.

Just one of the EV6 drivers, Mr. Moon Seong-Rok/ told to the interviewer: “It lingers in my ear and I can hear the audio produced by the vehicle even in my every day life, as if I have a little tinnitus…”

A different driver, Lee Sang-seop explained that songs is constantly on in his car or truck since of the superior-frequency sound. “I put audio on the USB and plug it in and change on the volume better than that. Then that cancels out.”

You can read the sound inside the car in different take a look at in a sound expert produced by KBS information in the video clip above.

We will explain how the seem skilled tested it. Inside of the automobile and when driving at a pace of 10 km/h or fewer, a sound is detected for every frequency. Quickly, a bar graph close to 6,000 Hz pops up and then a large-frequency sound begins to be read for in excess of 3 seconds.

In accordance to Kim Do-heom, Professor of Acoustic Engineering at Daelim College says that normally people can perceive seems among 4,000 and 17,000 hertz as higher frequencies. So a audio of 6,000 hertz is a array that any individual can hear nicely.

“It is a noise of about 6.3 kilohertz, which is incredibly sensitive to the human ear… It is a small sound in phrases of the original seem level, but the minimal frequency is large since the ambient sound is so very low in a car without an inner combustion motor.” He added.

What do you feel? Will you guys be annoyed by a sound like that?


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