Mrs Hinch fans shares simple tip for making your car seats look ‘like new’



A Mrs Hinch fan took to Facebook to ask for advice on how to remove stains from car seats – and users were quick to share their tips and advice, with the most effective solution costing under £3

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Cleaning hack: Mum uses carpet cleaner on filthy car seats

Sticky dashboards and greasy steering wheels can all be resolved with a quick wipe down.

But the same cant be said for our car seats.

Even if you’ve managed to avoid major spillages, general wear and tear can make your seats look grubby.

Luckily, there’s a way to deep clean them at home – and for less than £3.

One woman who was “appalled” at the state of her seats, took to Facebook to ask for advice.

She made her plea for help in a Mrs Hinch group, where she wrote: “Appalled at the state of my car seats.

“Could someone please suggest the best way of cleaning these?”

Use this hack to clean your seats


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Group members were quick to share their tips, tricks and advice in the comments in the hopes of fixing the woman’s problem.

Of all the comments, the most popular solution was Dr Beckmann carpet cleaner.

“Dr Beckmann carpet and upholstery cleaner,” recommended one. “I had an old water stain (sports bottle leaked) on car seat, tried Dr Beckmann and now it’s like new!”

A second agreed: “I’ve just done mine today as mine were like this! I used Dr Beckmann carpet stain remover and it worked wonders!”

A third added: “Dr Beckmann is amazing, as mentioned above.

“I would highly recommend this product.

“You can buy it from B&M or you could try local pound shops, they sell nearly all the cleaning stuff.

“I would advise you not to keep using different products incase your stuck with more stains. Hope you get it sorted.”

Meanwhile, a further who advised the bargain product added: “Something leaked from my bag being on the seat and I used Dr Beckmann and the seats look like new!”

You can get Dr Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover for £2.80 from Wilko.

Other suggestions from Mrs Hinch fans included using shaving foam.

One person said: “Shaving foam.”

While another replied: “I’ve seen a post where a lady used scented shaving foam and they came out like new.”

And a third commented, saying: “My dad got a cheap foam from Wilkos specifically for this type of thing.

“He applied it, left it two minutes and wiped it away and it was like brand new.

“It worked on one of my seats my son had spilt milkshake on.”

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