The Best Leather Car Seats of 2022 (Review)



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Wondering how to care for your car’s leather seats? We’ve reviewed the top-quality leather car seat cleaners of 2022 to help you keep them looking brand new. The interior of a car reveals the owner’s passion for their vehicle. Many people polish their cars but end up neglecting the interior. This means the interior might begin to deteriorate over time, and frequent use combined with the sun’s rays can harm a car’s interior. In some cases, waxy residue can build up and attract dirt, dust and grime, which can damage a car’s leather surfaces.

As a car owner, it’s important to care for both the exterior and interior equally, and using a leather conditioner and cleaner is the easiest way to protect your car’s interior. Because there are so many choices, selecting the perfect leather car cleaner for your vehicle might seem challenging, but don’t lose any sleep over it. We’ve researched and put together a list of great car leather cleaners in 2022, so you can take care of your car and make sure it gets the love that it deserves!

Our Picks Of The Best Leather Car Seats of 2022

Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner Kit: Great Pick

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The Chemical Guys leather cleaner and conditioner kit takes a somewhat different approach to leather care than other products on the market, and this definitely sets them apart.

The cleanser is odorless, colorless and pH-balanced, and it dissolves dirt without leaving any residue behind that could interfere with the conditioning process. Just use a brush and microfiber cloth to apply the cleaning solution and you’ll see instant results. What’s more, this leather conditioner smells like new but the great part is it isn’t as overpowering as that new-car smell.


  • Can be used on any leather surface
  • pH-balanced cleaning solution
  • Works to soften leather
  • Leaves satin finish after use


Leather Honey Car Leather Cleaner: High Quality

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Leather Honey cleaner is pretty popular and can be used on auto interiors, leather clothes, furniture and more.

It’s a leather conditioner and enhancer that works to give your leather surfaces a nice refined look. A single application can last up to six months, protecting and restoring worn leather by deeply infiltrating its pores. It also aids in extending the life of all leather surfaces, and can be used on anything leather, including furniture, chairs, boots, gloves, handbags, saddles and gear.


  • Helps keep leather durable
  • Works to soften leather
  • Multi-surface usable


Weiman Leather Cleaner and Conditioner: Great Value

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Weiman’s 22-ounce two-pack leather cleaner and conditioner might give you some bang for your buck when it comes to your car’s leather upholstery repairs.

It’s made of six natural oils that clean, condition and protect your leather car seats, using these oils to penetrate the leather and give it a soft touch, flexibility and a fresh new look. UV rays can cause cracking, drying and premature aging of leather, but protecting leather interiors can be a breeze with Weiman’s leather conditioner and cleanser. It’s easy to use, and with just a wipe you can take your first step toward cleaner and healthier leather car seats. 


  • A natural product 
  • Free from odor
  • Cleans surfaces intensely


  • Does not work on dark leathers

Armor All Car Leather Care Spray: Versatile

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This leather cleaner can revitalize the look and feel of your leather seats and interiors with just a few sprays. Once you buy it, no extra mixing or stirring is necessary to use it.

This leather car seat cleaner and protectant is a well-known name in the automotive maintenance industry and is a solid choice when it comes to protecting your leather.

Deep conditioning makes leather soft to the touch and prevents premature aging, fading and discoloration, cleansing the leather’s deep grains. Use a soft microfiber cloth to wipe your leather with this spray and restore your seats’ luster.


  • Restores leather’s natural richness
  • Great for more than just car seats
  • Gives leather a luxurious look 


  • Leaves a less-than-ideal scent

Meguiar’s Gold Class Leather Cleaner: Also Try

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Meguiar’s Gold Class leather cleaner is a leather care product that works so well you’ll hopefully only have to use once. One application will clean, nourish and protect your car’s leather.

Testing Gold Class on a rear-seat panel speaks to the company’s claim of being an all-in-one solution, penetrating the leather when the towel is flipped to a clean spot. This cleaner imparts a subtle gloss to the leather, making it soft, clean and simple to buff. It also has a fresh citrus scent that won’t leave you with a headache after using it.


  • Single-step application
  • Works to soothe leather
  • Restores modest shine


A Buyer’s guide to finding a high-quality leather cleaner

Having leather seats in your car is a great look, but only if you take good care of them. If you don’t regularly clean your leather, it can quickly accumulate dirt or cracks from normal wear and tear. There are many different kinds of leather car cleaners with varying features and qualities, so before you start shopping for the right leather car cleaner for you, there are a number of things you should know. 

What types of leather car cleaners are there?


Neatsfoot oil, lanolin or a combination of the two are the most common ingredients in oil-based leather conditioners. The oils in these leather conditioners sink deep into the leather and moisturize the inside of your car’s seats and surfaces.

If your leather seats show signs of damage, dryness, cracking or stiffness, an oil-based conditioner is a great way to restore the flexibility and suppleness of your worn-down leather seats. Make sure you consider the darkening of leather and greasy feel of some oils, however, when using them.


Soften and moisturize leather by applying a thick layer of cream conditioner to it. These conditioners are thick, creamy and will keep your leather soft and malleable. It also tends to absorb nicely, and you can think of it like applying lotion to your leather products.

Wondering whether this kind of cleaner comes with any drawbacks? Frequently using a moisturizer like this can be a hassle because it doesn’t last very long, and a residue might form if you happen to use too much product.


Natural waxes are the primary ingredient in wax leather conditioners. If you’re worried about liquid stains and spills, you may want to try one of these conditioners, which are less popular than oils and creams. It’s a little more difficult to put wax-based conditioners on your car seats because wax can’t get into the small crevices and seams, but they do offer excellent protection.

What should I consider when buying a leather car cleaner?

The leather of your car seats

Leather treated with colors, dyes and protective coatings is known as “finished” in the car industry. The least-treated leather is premium semi-aniline or top grain leather, which has only a thin coating on top of the original texture.

Natural or aniline leather

Aniline leather is the most natural and costly for vehicles. Leather, named for the aniline colors that give it a natural appearance and supple feel, is soluble. Genuine uncoated aniline leather needs meticulous care, cleaning and conditioning since it’s so porous. You can identify porous aniline leather with a single drop of water placed somewhere in your car that you don’t mind getting wet. If it sinks in, you’re dealing with aniline leather.

Imitation leather

Throughout the years, synthetic leather has been given various leather-like names by car marketing departments despite the fact that this kind of material isn’t leather at all. They have increasingly utilized imitation leather in conjunction with polished leather in car interiors since it’s superior to the leatherette of the past.

Application method

If a leather conditioner is difficult to apply, no matter how good the outcome may be, it won’t be one you’ll want to use. So, before you buy a conditioner, think about how you’ll apply it. Choosing from a wide range of possibilities is simple; with soft microfiber cloths, you can use oil and cream-based conditioners on leather as well as oil-based solutions that come in spray bottles, allowing for more precise application.

Similarly, you’ll find wipe-on conditioners, which are like disposable cleaning wipes but contain conditioners instead of harsh chemicals. Wipes are a simple, if not more professional, way to apply conditioner fast and effortlessly.


Any leather conditioner worth its salt must also be adaptable. The more uses a conditioner has, the more advantages it can provide. The primary purpose of certain leather conditioners is to condition leather, but some can go even further. If you’re looking for an all-in-one product that does everything from cleaning to conditioning to protecting, there are various options to choose from.

The trick is to choose between a multi-step and all-in-one conditioning method. All-in-one products are the most adaptable and can save time, effort and money if you’re on a tight budget.

What are the benefits of leather car seat cleaners?

Maintains and reconditions leather

You can easily prevent damage to your leather surfaces by using a suitable conditioner that removes pesky dirt and filth. Even if your car has been on the road for a long time, frequent use of a leather conditioner will breathe new life into its leather interior. It provides the moisture your leather surfaces need to maintain its supple and smooth appearance, and may also transform a leather surface that is dry, cracked or otherwise unappealing into one that is soft, supple and easy on the eye.

Adds value to your vehicle

Many people will find themselves selling a car at some stage in their life. When you put your car up for sale, it can fetch a higher price if the leather seats are in good condition. Certain changes in leather occur and become apparent as it ages and is exposed to the sun, dirt and other environmental factors that can be remedied simply by using a good conditioner. When leather seats and interior surfaces show signs of wear, you might have to lower your asking price.

Saves time and money

Using a decent conditioner can make your leather seats feel more comfortable, both to sit on and to touch. Leather seats that are dry, damaged or peeling are unappealing to sit on, and leather conditioners come in handy in these situations. 


You don’t have to spend a fortune on a good leather conditioner, as they are generally inexpensive and are available for less than ten dollars, including most single bottles and wipes for on-the-go use

What are some tips for using a leather car seat cleaner?

  • Any new product should first be tested in a safe area to make sure you won’t get a headache after cleaning and conditioning an entire leather seat. Stop using the leather cleaning product if you notice a shadow or discoloration on your car’s leather.
  • When using leather cleaners and conditioners, make sure you apply the correct amount. Some areas may require less and others may need more. Ensure you follow the specific leather care product guidelines to avoid a greasy residue, especially with a leather conditioner.
  • Leather is quite durable, but it’s not indestructible. Use a damp towel or wipes made from microfiber or leather to try to remove spills as quickly as possible.
  • Make sure you leave the leather alone after conditioning. Car seats look and feel much better when left to set for some time.

Leather Car Seat FAQs

Q: Can homemade leather cleaner be used on vehicle seats?

Commercial leather cleaners are available for purchase, but you can also use a homemade solution. A bucket full of warm water and castile or liquid dishwashing soap is all you’ll need before wiping the seat surfaces with a solution-dampened cloth.

Q: When it comes to leather car seats, what shouldn’t I do?

Leather cleaning chemicals that contain bleach and ammonia should generally be avoided, as they could harm the leather.

Q: Is it possible to over-condition leather?

Your car’s leather fibers can deteriorate into an unappealing lump if left to their own devices, so keep a close eye on them. Take regular care of your leather, so that you don’t have to spend extra money later to fix it.


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