Tips For The Proper Use Of A Seat Belt Cutter


Safety is unequivocally foremost in every person’s mind these days. This is why numerous safety tools flourish in the market today, each gadget is designed with its own features and benefits. One such emergency tool is the seatbelt cutter and auto glass breaker combination. A good seatbelt cutter can cut through a vehicle’s seat belt within a matter of a few seconds. These cutters are often created as knives that are small enough to fit into a vehicle’s glove compartment. However, a popular improvement of the seatbelt cutter is the one that’s built into an emergency glass hammer. This 2-in-1 gadget is preferred by a lot of drivers due to its versatility and the ease with which each tool can be accessed during an emergency.

Using a seatbelt cutter is easy. All one needs to do is to stay calm and avoid going into a frightened state regardless of how bad the situation is. Panic often causes a person’s mental wherewithal to go into hyper-speed, keeping him from thinking and doing the right thing. When in a calm frame of mind, the driver can easily look for the cutter, point it into the most accessible part of the belt, and cut through the belt quickly. Once the cutter is done with its work, it can be stowed into its proper place on the emergency tool to wait for the next vehicle emergency where it would again be needed.

Vehicular emergencies or accidents often cause the car battery to die down, which leaves no way for would-be rescuers on the outside of the car or truck to open locked doors. In this instance, the emergency glass hammer is required to create a small gap in the window glass that could be broken further to create a gap that is wide enough to let a person out. However, a jammed seatbelt could cause further complications. This scenario then means that a seatbelt cutter is required.

seatbelt cutters vary in price and can be bought either on the internet or a traditional hardware store. A seatbelt cutter sold separately has a price range of approximately $10 at its cheapest and as high as $43 at its most expensive rate. The more expensive ones often come with the following additional features:

• Built-in LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights that come in handy during an accident in the dark.

• A snug sheath for safe storing.

• Partially serrated edge that is sharp enough to cut through the thick belt material.

• Made of stainless steel or any other substance that is proven for its durability. Titanium knife seatbelt cutters often have the added benefit of being rust-free for a longer period of time as compared to other metal materials.

• Free shipping is always a great feature.

Most online vendors not only offer to ship the product free to their customers, but they also ship it by first class shipping which allows the buyer to receive the item in a matter of days. A rare feature added to some premium seatbelt cutters are multitools built into the knife handle for storing small emergency tools and a ring at the edge so the cutter can be attached to the car’s keys. The handle could also be sturdy enough to serve as a hammer for breaking the side window. Premium products even have an emergency escape hammer built-in as well.

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